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School Blog features 7 years of SNM History from April 2007 to April 2014
Students, graduates, healing retreats, students, classes, testamonials, beautiful photos, Self-Healing reports.


naturopathy-earth-element-brianNaturopathy Level I is a unique experience for each student as information is processed individually & kinesthetically after a depth exploration and presentation of information on the Chakras, Elements & Emotions.

“The Elemental Dances leave me feeling I am walking away with a higher state of understanding and being.”

naturopathy-mind-map-water-brianBrian, a Biology teacher from a middle school in Aurora, Colorado, brought his scientific and nature expertise to the experience and exploration of the Elements of Life.  Even his descriptions of his experience is precise and detailed, a wonderful complement to the other students’ experiences.

His Mind Maps display a sensitive, meticulous approach to integration. Almost all students start out saying, “I can’t draw,” with trepidation, and then produce remarkable drawings. The understanding they receive from the Mind Map exercise is also verbalized and shared along with their writing, so all aspects of creativity are exercised.

“Experiencing the 5 Elements today left me feeling like some sort of electrical conduit or circuit.

After the music ended for each dance, my body felt like it was buzzing and reverberating.

naturopathy-mind-map-earth-brianThe frequency at which I was vibrating was different for each element. It seemed as though there were 2 strengths of vibrations. One that was light and whole body , and the other being stronger and working its way up as each elemental dance was performed.

This culminated with a strong overall, full body ‘buzzing’ as we were receiving and giving sound during the Ether Element.

There was also a pulsating flow down my arms and coming out of my hands. This pulsating flow became stronger and warmer as we moved through each Element.

I don’t think I ever felt my energy system like I did today.

It leaves me feeling as if I am walking away with a higher state of understanding and being.” Brian Sholette, Aurora, Colorado, Biology teacher.


naturopathy-fire-element2-karlanaturopathy-earth-element-karlaNaturopathy Level I  focuses on the foundation of all approaches to Natural Medicine from the beginning of time, an organization of the Elements of Life – earth, water, fire, air, ether!

The study, Self-Healing processes, movement, sound and embodiment of the Elements of Life takes place over two 10 hour days in an Immersion so that students enjoy the space and time required to fully explore how their own energy, body and being responds to the concepts and experience of the Elements of Life.

“Today we danced.

I danced away and released my painful fire and let it rise into nothingness.

I filled my body with the bliss of water and freedom of air.

I healed my soul with vibration.

My mind is at peace.

naturopathy-mind-map-elements-karlaToday I go forth into my daily life, doing the same tasks, seeing the same people,and fulfilling the same responsibilities….but  I am changed!

naturopathy-air-element-karlaOthers may notice..they may not. But I will know that I begin a new life today.

Today we danced.” Karla Lakey, Golden, Colorado – former firefighter!

After a student attends Naturopathy I and almost all of the other classes in Healing Diets, Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, & Reflexology they attend Naturopathy II – and advanced class that brings it all together with skills for professional practice, consultation, creating a business or classes and more. A good foundation gives the support for creating your dreams.

Enjoy one of several YOU TUBE videos on the Elements of Life in a School of Natural Medicine Summer School in 2004.

Karla’s lovely Mind Map was created spontaneously on the first day of class when all the information on each of the Chakras, their corresponding Element, Body Organs, Sense, Taste and imbalances and more were explored in depth. Each student had the opportunity to process their relationship with each Element. Preparing for the day of movement and experience created a receptivity and depth of understanding to feel, sense, know, learn and explore the unique strength and beauty of their own being.


naturopathy-element-earth-necianaturopathy-air-element-neciaNaturopathy Level I  – what a profound integration experience with the Chakras, Elements & Emotions!

This class module moves mountains.

I feel as if I shifted.

Sound is altering every fiber and cell within me.

My body not my own, yet it is, now new & deeper with higher frequencies dialed in.

I feel in tune and embodied within myself and my energy centers,

even though I had familiarity with the chakras from yoga.

This knowledge & integration is life altering!

I am awakening, levels and doors are opening, waves are washing, and fires are burning.

I am beholding my truth. The truth of my spirit, my essences and the truth of my creation.

The universal sound that drums through me is connected to all. OM.” Necia Betts, Utah

naturopathy-mind-map-air-neciaNATUROPATHY LEVEL I gives students the opportunity to explore the Elements of Life through movement, music, sound and depth information and instructions. As students experience the energy of the Chakras, Elements & Emotions, they begin to have an aware relationship with each Element, and their corresponding emotions, chakras, body organs and senses associated with the elements in daily life.

Through the skills gained with the Elemental Self Healing processes, students have the opportunity to shift any obstacles associated with Elemental Energetic emotions and access their Elemental gifts. 

Every world healing system of medicine from the beginning of time, including Ayurveda, Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Chinese and Persian, included respectful organizational structure based on the Elements of Life. We honor these ancient teachings at the foundation of all systems of Natural Medicine in conscious, respectful awareness in both inner and outer worlds.

naturopathy-mind-map-fire-neciaMind Maps are an integral part of integrating and completing all Self Healing processes during the trainings. So many people believe they cannot draw so awakening this skill to honor and share inner experiences with a creative process is part of evolutionary education to attain our highest potential. While most Mind Mapping is about structure and business, we find our approach to using the skills for integrating levels of understanding and comprehension embraces the life experience of each student with a completion of satisfaction. The surprises of creation and what comes forth is deeply and profoundly healing.

Naturopathy training at the School of Natural Medicine incorporates all that the school offers in both Diploma & Certification classes, as well as the Self Healing Module, OnLine courses in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Healing Diets & a Retreat.


Our next Naturopathy Level I class will be held in the spring of 2015. School Calendar 2015 will be available in November. Meanwhile our Autumn Session is moving forward with enthusiasm and abundance with traveling students from Canada, England and several states.


herbs-of-grace-carolHerbs of Grace was the company I founded in Cambridge, England in 1977, (owned for a long time by a graduate of the school Peter Enkel & his son James, along with Wholistic Research Company, (now owned and operated by a former client who achieved remarkable Self-Healing, to provide clients and students with all they required to build and maintain health.

herbs-of-grace-chrisHerbs of Grace provided herbal nutrient formulas, tinctures, salves, flower essences and teas from 1977 through 1989 when I moved the School of Natural Medicine to Boulder, Colorado. New management took over Herbs of Grace, and Wholistic Research Company continued selling juicers, ionizers, books, Iridology cameras and much more to all those seeking what they needed during the wave of alternative and complementary medicine in the United Kingdom and abroad. Both companies still thrive today, continuing their good work to those seeking health, healing and wellness.

We were all touched and assisted by our connection with herbs, herbal nutrients, juicers and the communication that evolved with questions seeking answers to a better way of living. Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy since its publication 20 or so years ago where it sold 20,000 and today continues to sell at and through the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. It is wonderful to be reminded that a book has a life of its own, and touches many with its gifts.

A major enjoyment for me whenever I visit England is connecting with dear friends, students, graduates and occasionally clients who benefitted from the work during the eighties & nineties when I lived in Cambridge. We are all so connected. 

My very dear friends, Chris and Carol, that I visited in Norfolk, were also in the early days, clients and students interested in health and healing. Carol went on to become a Polarity Therapist and a Flower Essence Master, and is knowledgeable on so many subjects in the field of healing and spirituality as well. Visiting them is returning to a depth of connection that is like a treasure. Even today, Chris still makes a morning drink of juices, olive oil. lemon, garlic and more that keeps his system clean and clear. Seemingly small habits make large differences.

herbs-of-grace-farida-sharan-marykeMaryke Vogel, Iridology & Natural Medicine graduate, developed an Iridology, Herbal & Naturopathy practice and eventually added Phenomenal Colonics to assist clients wishing to build health. Although we had been in touch, we had not met for some years, so when I was impressed with a recent flyer by the development of her work, I got in touch and decided to experience the colonic myself.

True to her beautiful online information, the colonic was phenomenal, and the result was as well. Taking an hour an one half, with gentle fills: first of water, then herbal teas, then three washes of garlic tea, followed by coffee and then water. I felt renewed, cleansed and very glad to have enjoyed wonderful conversations with Maryke during the sessions. I walked up England Lane to the Cinnamon Deli where I ordered a fresh green juice and salad, and after sitting in the sunshine on this charming street, walked the two miles up to Hampstead. Maryke’s offering is a great support for anyone seeking health and wellness.

herbs-of-grace-gilesThe next surprise on this visit was to meet my daughter’s friend from her Cambridge years, Giles Dexter. We met on Sherwood Lane off Piccadilly, and sitting outside waiting for the French restaurant to open, he brought out my original copy of my Herbs of Grace workbook (much marked and clearly much used and loved). What a surprise to see the book and Giles had held on to it for 26 years. Dinner followed with a wonderful group of my daughter’s and Giles’s friends and his mother in a restaurant that used to be a ballroom of a hotel. We sat in the center, surrounded by marble walls and columns, in what was originally a dance floor. Spectacular place and very delicious food – wonderful when a confirmed Vegan can get food in a restaurant!

Then there was the BatMobile surprise outside the University Women’s Club on Audley Square in Mayfair. Have to include this photo for sure.

Next trip to London in October to attend the Plant Consciousness Conference will also celebrate fine connections.



herbal-medicine-teacher-heidi-jarvis-farida-sharanHerbal Medicine teacher for our Herbal Medicine Immersions is Heidi Jarvis, MH ND MIr. A true herbal teacher is an herbalist with passion, experience and love for sharing and holding the healing space in a group, connected to everyone and the group, to offer the best experience possible for all the students. School of Natural Medicine celebrates our Herbal Medicine teacher, Master Herbalist Graduate 2000, Heidi Jarvis, of Aurora, Colorado. We worked together for 14 years toward this achievement, planning classes, taking time to review after each class, creating improvements and designing ever better ways of presenting information.

Heidi first took on the school herbal pharmacy and dispensary and eventually began teaching a day or two in her gardens and in the pharmacy. As the school evolved, Heidi began teaching all 3 levels of the trainings and in 2014, we held the first Herbal Medicine Intensives, where all levels were available in consecutive days in April and again in August. Our enthusiastic appreciations clearly show Heidi has emerged as a skilled and much loved teacher. It is a pleasure for me to participate in the evolution of a teacher who attains such a high standard of skill.

Heidi has her own practice, runs the School of Natural Medicine pharmacy / dispensary for students, graduates and other clients, manages organic gardens and greenhouses, creates a Lavender Festival most years, shares the land with extended family, raises a beautiful daughter Kalina who attends herbal classes and helps out whenever she can, and enjoys creating herbal products for Vitamin Cottage and other companies.

Next Herbal Medicine Immersions will be held in the spring and summer of 2015. School Calendar 2015 will be offered in November 2014 or earlier.

herbal-medicine-teacher-heidi-jarvis“Heidi is the best person and an excellent teacher! She is loving, caring and has a happy and wonderful energy.” Leyla

“Heidi shares an amazing wealth of knowledge. I am in awe of how she runs her herbal pharmacy.” Karla Lakey

“Heidi is a phenomenal teacher who has a grand passion for what she reveals through her clear teaching, compassionate heart, and her listening to any and all questions (no matter how menial or great). She is patient and takes her time to make sure that we all understand, which is a talent every great teacher must have. Heidi is fun and vibrant. It is a blessing to have learned from her wisdom.” Lindsay Peters

“Heidi is such a great teacher, and a lovely, grounded and kind soul! I enjoyed every day with her. She is knowledgeable and kind. I cherish the time in this class and hold the friendships I made with the plants and the other students close to my heart forever.” Miranda Palmer

herbal-medicine-teacher-vitamin-cottage“Heidi’s great knowledge of supplements (she worked at Vitamin Cottage in Aurora for 12 years) gives a clear understanding of how to treat various issues, as it made me realize how complex the body is, even to discovering how emotional issues might relate to a skin wound. People recognized Heidi and said how much they missed her.” Lisa Manser

“At the Vitamin Cottage class, I learned how each individual supplement acts in different body types. I also learned a lot about myself and how to help heal the ones I love!” Miranda Palmer

“Since the Vitamin Cottage class, I feel more capable of making good choices. I know in my heart this is the right path for me.” Karla Lakey

“I loved the field trip to Vitamin Cottage as Heidi was a delight in communicating and explaining the vast world of health products, and what the bottles placed on the shelf truly are. I have had my own health and wellness center and received with gratitude the expertise of Heidi and what she shared with her passion.” Lindsay Peters



herbal-medicine-wildcraftingWildcrafting & Plant Communion exercises took place during field trips in the Denver Botanic Gardens, and a plains and mountain location, as well as in Heidi’s extensive gardens.

“I feel connected with my surroundings and more able to identify the signatures of the plants and herbs. I now have a deeper understanding of what the herbs, flowers and plants are willing to teach and offer humanity and nature. I got lost in the woods and allowed thoughts, feelings and emotions to rise, and let stress go. The greatest message I received was there is no struggle to their existence. They are not trying to be anything other than what they simply are, and what they are is perfect. I learned what it means to be still and know ‘I AM.”” Lindsay Peters.

“Such a feeling to be in the mountains and listening to the trees so ancient and wise. I laughed with happiness on the wild crafting adventures in the plains and the mountains as nature spoke more loudly to me than ever before. I am thrilled to learn about Gum Weed, and love all my classmates.” Lauren Rybarz

“Heidi showed and revealed within each one of us our connection and communication with plants. I loved the confidence she assured us we had to read what the herbs were speaking if we quieted ourselves and believed in our inner knowing. I always wondered how people of days past learned what the plants were for without prior knowledge.  After this exercise with an unknown herb, we wrote what we felt it spoke and discovered as a group how in-tune we were.”  Lindsay Peters

herbal-wildcrafting“Seeing plants and herbs in their environment gave me a chance to look closely at how alive they are, and it was peaceful. I am excited to begin the on line home studies Herbal course and finish the Herbal Medicine classes in the spring. I am on my journey to become an herbalist and share Herbal Medicine.” Mayra Alvarenga

“I was nervous about communion with plants and did not initially trust that I could be in tune with the knowledge of plats. Heidi walked us all through the process, so when I trusted the process it was incredible to be able to ask questions with an open heart and mind within myself and truly receive the truth. I find it fascinating that as a society we do not trust this process.” Necia Betts

“Herbal wildcrafting days during the Herbal Immersion were a lot of fun.  Getting outside and moving around in nature is a nice break from indoor classes, and I enjoyed having someone with so much experience show us different plants and how to identify them. The exercises of drawing plants and faces in tree bark helped me connect to plants on a deeper level. Whether we were in the plains or the mountains it was an overall great experience.” Jaden Lehane Dittmar

herbal-wildcrafting“I love that healing plants are all around us and if we listen, they call out to us when we need them. Thank you” Lisa Manser

“When we were given the opportunity to relate to plants on a deeper level, I was amazed to find I had with ability within me! Given an unknown plant powder, I was able to identify its healing properties and where it might grow just through touch, smell and taste. I was even able to draw the plant as I saw it in my mind. I never imagined I could do this.” Karla Lakey

“When I am hiking or just being outside, I know what I am looking at as I have learned how to identify certain plants. Now I can harvest plants in the wild and make healing products. Being outside and hiking in Boulder was just beautiful. I couldn’t ask for a better day that with the plants.” Miranda Palmer

“Such a wonderful class collecting flower, herbs, plants, leaves and roots. Thank you for everything. It is an honor to be part of the class. Love and respect.” Leyla Lacayo

herbal-wildcrafting“My cup overflowed at the Denver Botanical Gardens with the absolute beauty of the plants, and their spectacular backdrop of color, shape, size and fragrance. The greatest treat was the dazzling, buzzing and humming orchestra of the honey bees taking great pride and delight in working with rigor and passion. At the end of the day as I processed my experience, one of the largest bumble bees I have ever seen rested on my shoulder, then got caught in my hair but made it out just fine. ” Lindsay Peters

“The Botanical Garden trip was absolute magic! I loved every minute. So much beauty!” Miranda Palmer

herbal-wildcrafting“I enjoyed being with the living herbs in Heidi’s garden as well as during our time at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Learning about plant geometry left me feeling I want to learn more about these ideas, as well as how water crystals change depending on the environment, thoughts and what it is exposed to.” Brian Sholette

“As the day went on I felt more aware of each plant, flower and herb. I could not resist touching them as I felt I was honoring each plant. I have learned so much and been able to connect with plans in a deeper way. Personal processing included feeling relief and in turn, more love.” Lisa Manser

herbal-wildcrafting-jadenherbal-wildcrafting-miranda“I connected with the herbs and plants in a very deep way. I heard their whispers and now know that they speak. You just have to listen. The Frankincense oil helped me become in tune with each herb and how much I knew about it within myself without actually knowing anything about it.” Miranda Palmer

“Feeling my heart, brain and mind connect to ‘feel’ the herbs is amazing. Frankincense definitely helps with connection. I love the herbs. I feel them and they make my heart sing.” Lisa Manser

“Inspiring and motivating moments were when we were tried to identify unknown herbal powders. It was amazing to see and hear what others and myself came up with and how the information aligned with what was already known about the plant. We prepared for this exercise with Tulsi Rose tea to help us connect with our spiritual side and we inhaled Frankincense oil to connect our senses to a deeper knowing. The effect was subtle but powerful when combined with our intention.” Brian Sholette


Herbal Medicine

herbal-medicine-pharmacy-heidiHerbal Medicine training involves experiences in many dimensions of the herbal world: from treatments, to creating salves, tinctures and hydrosols and other products, to the history of Herbal Medicine, to plant identification, to wildcrafting and harvesting herbs, to running an herbal business, and most important to connection and communion with the plant world.

School of Natural Medicine approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Master Herbalist training includes 3 levels of classes, along with Healing Diets, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Iridology,Naturopathy & Clicical Training, as well as participation in the Self Healing Module. For details Contact Us by email or phone the school mornings after you have browsed the website and blog to familiarize yourself with our unique quality school and the wonderful students we attract for evolutionary education based on self-healing embodiment of the teachings. Students share their experience in our recent August Herbal Medicine Immersion. Classes this autumn & Herbal Medicine Immersions in spring and summer of 2015.

herbal-medicine-pharmacy“I am amazed to learn the spectrum of uses for hydrosols, how subtly potent, effective and safe they are. There is no level of danger to a delicate spray on your skin or in water – and a little goes a long way. Favorite experiences were picking fresh mullein to make a tincture, and the group process to come up with our very own salve ingredients and learned how to efficiently make a salve toward a definite purpose.” Lindsay Peters

“Tincture and salve making day was a blast as Heidi made the process simple and do-able!! I had an awesome time harvesting herbs in Heidi’s garden! I loved working as a team with my classmates to decide on certain herbs for our ‘pain salvation’ salve.” Brian Sholette

“Learning the business of setting up an herbal pharmacy was incredibly interesting and informative. Heidi’s practical approach made it easier to relate and understand what gives a excellent foundation to build from.” Lisa Manser

herbal-medicine-poultice“Heidi is grounding and true in the way she teaches and shares her stories. She makes running a business seem less intimidating. I see myself owning one, one day, thanks to her!” Miranda Palmer

herbal-medicine-lobelia-footbath“I enjoyed learning the proper manner of applying the Castor Oil Pack, and had a lot of fun soaking my feet in the Lobelia herb foot bath, as the effect was strong, calming and healing. The Ginger Poultices on the kidneys felt sweetly divine in fragrance and yet packed a punch in heat – so interesting to feel a process through the skin with the Ginger poultice. Such a fun atmosphere with the group!” Necia Betts

“I was excited and focused to learn how poultices, abdominal packs and poultices are applied and the depth of time needed for each one. I loved the hands-on time making a footbath, and experiencing the effects. I immediately purchased a pound of Lobelia and shared it with everyone in my family and watched as they too slowly slipped into its calming embrace.” Lindsay Peters

herbal-medicine-communion-necia“My eyes have opened to a new vision. I see the world around me from a new perspective. For the rest of my life I want to connect on this deeper level with all that is around me and share my experience with everyone in my life.” Karla Lakey, Golden

“I am so glad for this school. It is a blessing in my life. I love it and I love being in contact with the plants and the flowers. It is an honor for this opportunity! I love this school. It has changed my way of thinking and I will always be grateful for this wonderful time in this learning period of my life. Thank you for this school.” Leyla Lacayo, Utah

“I learned so much about how to honor the healing attributes of plants that in turn this enabled me to honor myself, and be a blessing to people and help them heal.” Lisa Manser

“The Herbal Medicine Immersion continues to bring out the healer in me. I love it so much. It has given me the true drive I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to go deeper into herbal healing.” Miranda Palmer

herbal-medicine-pharmacy“I enjoyed Herbal Medicine, the layout of the class, and Heidi’s information. I learned from her, my self and my fellow classmates. It is an honor being here. I feel blessed . I feel happy.” Necia Betts

“Each day I am more aware, present and excited to continue on this magical journey of the herbal world.” Lindsay Peters

“I enjoyed the Herbal Medicine class, so interesting and well taught, because I found out a lot about myself. I learned that my body is going through more emotional struggles than physical. It makes me excited to become a healer. I felt comfortable in this class and confident about what I learned and what I can do with it.” Molly Childers.


healing-diets-teachers-bethHealing Diets Teachers evolve naturally out of School of Natural Medicine Colorado State Board of Higher Education Healing Diets Diploma Training. Advanced students are offered opportunities to assist in classes and then a certain few evolve as teachers on their own, or with the school. Becoming a Healing Diets Coach means that a student wants to share the good news and help others to transform their relationship with food to enjoy a healthy life with respect for animals and our planet, and to assist in the healing of health concerns, aging and chronic disease.

BETH DORSEY is one of our passionate teachers, who took Healing Diets information and skills into her home where she and her husband are raising three adopted children. Although at the beginning the youngsters were resistant, it seems they all want to share the food she makes and wait in line for it, asking her what she is making next, as all the cultured, dehydrated and fresh vegan foods Beth is dedicated to are absolutely delicious. Beth teaches the third day of Healing Diets II, offering laughter filled fun creations of cultured foods, seed and nut cheeses and yoghurts, dehydrated crackers and unusual and tasty cleanse drinks. Beth is also a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and a Reflexologist, Healing Diets & Essential Oils graduate from the School of Natural Medicine.

“It all begins with a thought…”  I work with people that want to transform their personal or professional life by identifying and changing their thought patterns, overcoming blocks, and reprogramming belief systems to create the life they desire.  I use life coaching, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to assist clients in achieving their dreams. Very powerful tools for very powerful results.  I also see clients that are suffering from chronic conditions, including addictions, and need to heal their body and their mind.  The body is a whiteboard that the mind writes on.  If you have been thinking negative thoughts and feelings the effects of those thoughts, it WILL manifest into disease.  I incorporate Essential Oils, Reflexology, Meditation, Spirituality and Healing Diets into my practice.  If we can work on supporting the body and nurturing the soul while we work on changing the thought patterns, we get positive results very quickly. ” Beth Dorsey, Longmont, Colorado.

healing-diets-teacher-jessicaJESSICA FANNING-GREMLEY took off with Healing Diets training to complement her Natural Acne Clinic aesthetician practice in Golden, Colorado – beauty from the inside out! Very soon after attending classes,  with years of professional confidence, Jessica began teaching her own Healing Diets classes in Denver and c0-hosted a Women’s Wellness Weekend with another student. It was a joy to co-create her day of teaching which focused on family foods, from pre-conception, pregnancy, post birth, infancy, children and teenagers. Creating healthy family foods is a challenge for many mothers and our students reported it was a fantastic day, the last day of the August Healing Diets Immersion.

healing-diets-teachers-brigitte-marsBRIGITTE MARS has been an Herbal Medicine and Healing Diets teacher at the School of Natural Medicine since the first Summer School in 1988. Her contribution to the Wild Foods and Cleanse Raw Food days in the Healing Diets Immersion took students into nature, identifying and collecting foods to create delicious Vegan, raw and lightly cooked meals. Brigitte’s healing history began in the sixties, much like mine when I healed breast cancer naturally, and we both wrote books about those days, (mine was Flower Child in the Summer of Love, and Brigitte’s  Hippie Chick Seeks Revelation.

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist from Boulder, Colorado, with over 40 years’ experience in natural lifestyles. She lived for two and a half years, on wild edible plants while living in a tipi in the Ozarks, in the early seventies. She is the author of  The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine, Country Almanac of Home Remedies, Addiction Free Naturally, The Sexual Herbal, The HempNut Cookbook, Rawsome!, and Healing Herbal Teas.

Brigitte teaches at Naropa UniversityBauman College of Holistic Health  and Natural Chef, The School of Natural Medicine, Just for the Health of It School of Reflexology and Healing Arts, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Esalen Institute,Kripalu, and at an Icelandic healing arts school called Heilsumeistraskolinn. She has a  private practice, helps out at Pharmaca,  and has a local weekly radio show on KGNU called Naturally. She is the mother of Sunflower Sparkle Mars, a dancer now teacher,  and Rainbeau Harmony Mars,  actress, international model and yogini. ( Brigitte lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Teaching-Assistants-Healing-Diets-RadhaTeaching Assistants opportunities are integral to Natural Medicine studies for the benefit of new students and advanced students and graduates. New students are inspired by the example of the advanced students and learn from their sharing of their personal Self Healing progress, developments in their studies and creative work in practice and teaching. Often they make friends, exchange treatments and meet socially, enriching the network of students and graduates.

Recently in the Healing Diets Immersion, several advanced students participated as assistants and two taught a full day of classes. The evolution of students and graduates into teachers is an important aspect of developing confidence, abundance and success.

Melina assisted on the first day of the Immersion, Radha on the second, Beth taught on the 3rd day with Hayley assisting, Lindsay assisted on the fourth day, Miranda on the fifth, Radha assisted Brigitte on the sixth day, Hayley on the seventh, and on the 8th day Brigitte taught, and on the 9th Radha assisted with Jessi teaching. A full schedule of Teaching Assistants offered an adventurous and complementary contribution to our food preparation and Self-Healing processes. Thank you assistants and teachers for your progress in your studies and growing ability to inspire and educate others. Both Radha & Hayley assisted on two days. Radha’s radiant photo is also included above.

teaching-assistant-healing-diets-hayley-Hayley Porter shares:  FULFILLED & SATIATED

“It is such an honor to witness the teachings from a new perspective as an assistant. I was able to embody the teacher archetype within me and I know this is an atmosphere that I thrive in. To be able to work with a group of dedicated students who are hungry for knowledge has fueled my passion and personal study of Natural Medicine. As aways, in Farida’s Healing Diets classes, the food was divine. I feel fulfilled and satiated.

I noticed my ability to handle ‘stressful’ situations with ease and grounded energies. I feel confident now in my teaching and organizing abilities and I will continue to fine tune and harness my skills.” Hayley Porter, advanced Naturopathy student. Massage Therapist. Colorado.

Melina and Miranda were abundant with enthusiasm during the day, and supported the teaching, demonstrated and worked with the students preparing the food with joy, laughter and harmony.
healing-diets-lindsay-peters copyLindsay Peters shares as she also attended Level III the last three days of the Immersion: PRICELESS EMPOWERMENT

“I am starting to understand and see the proper process that is needed in order to clean up my body to allow the optimum amount of energy and healthy cells to power my body.

I am one who wants results to manifest quickly and efficiently, but I am learning through proper knowledge and invaluable wisdom associated and taught in Healing Diets that it is not about ‘getting it done’, it is about taking the time to take astep back, take a breath, and allow myself to asses my body, emotions and what they are teaching me, what they are speaking on behalf of the others surrounding me who are needing guidance as well.

What fascinates me the most is the connection I have with every part of the whole: the air I breathe, the water I drink, the foodI eat, the sun that shines on me, the seed I plant, the love I give, the thoughts I allow, the inner knowing I have, that we all have, which constantly speaks so beautifully if we but listen.

I am gaining a deep appreciation for the ability my body has to heal itself. I have the ability to make the choice about how I choose to help my healing along and extend this knowledge to family, friends, strangers, and future clients. It is a priceless empowerment which gives me a great joy and a deep satisfaction.” Lindsay Peters, Naturopathy student, Niwot, Colorado






Cruelty-Free-Healing-Diets-Jaden“Healing Diets took me to a deeper level as a catalyst to make the vow, here and now to no longer make excuses and eat a cruelty-free diet and live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

It is important for me to be around like-minded people with similar goals from time to time to stay inspired and remember I am not alone, even if I feel like one of the few. The knowledge we learned in the Healing Diets Immersion is so important for society, humanity, the planet, and I feel honored to play a part in bringing that awareness to light.

I learned great ideas and resources for transitional diets in Level Two, as we tossed lightly cooked vegetables into flavor full marinades and learned about flavoring, balancing tastes, using spices and herbs, plus cultured and dehydrated foods, and absolutely yummy seed and nut milk fermented cheeses with Beth Dorsey who is a SNM Healing Diets graduate and one of our teachers.

Cruelty-Free-Healing-Diets-Jaden2Our day with Brigitte Mars was a wonderful, fun, new energy to mix with the other classes. I never realized so much edible food grows all around us all the time. I have already noticed I am more perceptive on my walks, always looking for things I could include in meals.

I am grateful for a second view of Healing Cancer Inside and Out as it is a great summary of information on how mainstream medicine has been corrupted and suppresses other alternatives, and how it benefits from doing so.

I am finding a nice balance in keeping food simple. I picked up new tools to improve my food preparation, especially with balancing flavors, bringing variety, looking for color, as well as playing more deeply and making more complex combinations and presentations to help attract and encourage others, especially resistant people, to try healthier alternatives. I feel I have a better foundation and confidence to recommend meal plans for those with chronic illness.

I learned a lot by sharing and observing how the other students reacted to healing diets foods: some got headaches, some got congested, some digestive reactions, some got light-headed or dizzy for a while, and most got tired and slept more, but we all felt better as we cleared. Now I can share this experience with future clients and help them move through reactions.” Jaden Lehane Dittmar, Fort Collins, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

Cruelty-Free-Mind-Map-Jaden.Jaden has already taken Iridology & Herbal Medicine classes, is committed to the Self Healing Module and the home study on line courses that are a requisite of Diploma level trainings.

Next Healing Diets classes are in September and October 2014 – check out our School Calendar. Mind Maps are an integrating creative experience that support personal evolution and embodiment of the teachings. I share Jaden’s Mind Map of clarity. Our student Mind Maps tend to me more creative and visual, and often surprising students who believe they don’t know what to do or can’t draw. All part of developing great skills for life and work. Jaden has already taken Iridology & Herbal Medicine classes, is committed to the Self Healing Module and the home study on line courses that are a requisite of Diploma level trainings.



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