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Approved Colorado Department of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

  1. Explore the website thoroughly.
  2. Explore the School Blog & to discover the quality of our students, graduates, classes & Self Healing.
  3. Read through the attached email flyers and information.
  4. Email any questions and also tell us about yourself and your goals.
  5. Phone to talk informally weekday mornings 9am – 12 noon 720-746-9961
  6. Consider beginning and preparing with an Online Course if you have to wait  to attend a class, OR begin with a class.
  7. Our flexible module system encourages you can choose your path through our offerings according to your work, finances and family responsibilities.
  8. Naturopathy, Iridology & Reflexology are Level I before II, and all others are attended in any order. Level III is advanced participation in a Level I or II class after practice, study and embodiment of the teachings.

School of Natural Medicine is based on each student’s embodiment of the teachings through personal Self-Healing to inspire students toward health, creativity and their highest purpose.

Small classes of 8 or less students are woven of dynamic interaction, questioning, exploring, mind maps, hands-on skills, Self-Healing processes utilizing evolutionary education. Each student is an important contribution toward co-creating a loving, caring, nourishing, safe and joyful atmosphere of mutual trust and support. You seek a fine school. We seek fine students excited to enroll.

All student deposits, fees, tuition and Rules of Conduct are based on the Rules & Regulations of the Colorado Department of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools. Students agree to honor commitment, financial agreements and respectful communication.

Payments: checks, cash, credit cards, pay pal, bank wires, money orders accepted. All enrollment by pleasant and helpful personal connection.


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