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If you wish to enrol kindly read the information below the form as you complete the Captcha.


Students are required to open a PayPal account for ease of transactions with the exception of a one time use of a credit card for a one time Payment in Full option.

Sign in to your accout. Enter credit card details for OR choose the option to take funds from your bank account.

To avoid the 5% Pay Pal fee simply send the payment to

School Invoices sent to your email via PayPal are activated for ease of payment transactions simply by clicking on the link once your are registered with PayPal.

ALL Payments for Online Courses on Time Payments are required to use PayPal. After the initial first payment we invoice every month to remind you on the first of each month.

No study materials are emailed or mailed until the completed Application Form, personal photo and photo of ID (scanned or mailed) have been received as well as the agreed payment.


School of Natural Medicine no longer runs credit card payments as in today’s world our larger payments are declined too often by credit card companies and require payee to check with bank and often cards are put on hold until you approve. All this takes a lot of time and communication on both sides and SNM chooses to avoid all this with using Pay Pal.

If we do make an exception to run a credit card for you, Heidi Jarvis, a Graduate Naturopathy Master Herbalist & Iridologist, teacher for our Herbal Medicine Immersions who also runs Herbs of Grace, SNM school pharmacy/dispensary, a most trusted colleague, will run the card with her company Earth Pharmaceuticals. That is the name you will see on your card statement and notifications. She has been assisting the school for 15 years and credits all payments depositing all payments through to the school bank account with full information as to what it is for.

Before we run a credit card payment we require from you:

Completed Application form signed and dated with information of choice and total payment. Mail or email along with a photocopy of your personal ID (front and back) and your personal photo.

1. Email a scan of credit card – front and back – along with the address of the credit card statement with zip code, telephone number and exact name on the card.

2. OR a telephone call to Heidi Jarvis 303-306-4227 or 303 668 5362 MST in Colorado USA, to relay the information.

No study materials are emailed, mailed or given until the completed Application Form, personal photo and photo of ID (scanned or mailed) has been received along with payment as agreed.

ALL credit card payments have the 5% handling fee added to the fee total.


Checks in US$ are made out to School of Natural Medicine.

Mail with the printed, completed Application form, a personal photo and photocopy copy of ID to:

School of Natural Medicine, 10901 East Jewell Avenue, Aurora, Colorado 80012 USA.


1. For large Payment in Full transactions in US $and international payments Bank Wires can be the most efficient and cost effective way of payment. In USA we do not need the information that UK or other international banks use. 2. Your wire fee of about $50 – $75 must be paid at your end and is extra to the amount due the school. Advise your bank that School of Natural Medicine must receive the full amount of the transactions.

2.. Scan completed Application form, personal photo and photo ID and email to

3.. Bank wires usually take 5 days. Bank details are sent on request.

Kindly read the information about enrollment below the form as you complete the Captcha.

You will receive a confirmation notice and we will respond promptly. Welcome.

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