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Approved & Regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

School of Natural Medicine – Boulder, Colorado, USA


Graduates practice worldwide as teachers & practitioners & create businesses & product companies,

Graduates write books, found schools, work in spas, hospitals & offer creative consulting in the  corporate world.

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Evolutionary Education expands your creative potential. Live your dream. Do the work you love!


“It is my joy to support each student’s awakening of health, healing and the creation of an authentic life.

Mutual commitment honors laughter, tears, and profound sharing as each student gains confidence, wisdom and compassion.

Professional training is balanced by Self Healing and the embodiment of the teachings in the student’s life.

Whether you wish to ‘Become Independently Healthy’, serve your family and friends, or create work that you love,

School of Natural Medicine supports your emergence with personal mentoring and a caring network of students and graduates.”  Farida Sharan

. . . become a living example, an inspiration and an authentic guide for others

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