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Essential Oils Certification


Approved and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

School of Natural Medicine USA


Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognized Worldwide

Essential Oils Courses

Essential Oils Certification

Essential Oils Certification

Click on this link to enjoy School News Blog class photos and testamonials of student experiences.

Essential Oils Certification Course includes safety & internal & external use of Young Living Medicinal Grade Essential Oils.

Students learn professional skills: Raindrop Spinal Therapy, Vagus Nerve & Auricular Treatments & therapeutic anointing.

Farida Sharan ND studied & used Essential Oils in her practice & teaching since 1983 with aromatherapy trainings in London.

Farida’s training with Young Living Essential Oils in America enhanced  at  Young Living Ecuador Clinic & farm with Gary Young.

Farida Sharan teaches practical, spiritual & compassionate skills for evolutionary transformation with Essential Oils Self-Healing processes.

Students experience ‘oils of joy and gladness’ to cleanse receptor cells, erase negative DNA programing, oxygenate & reprogram cellular function.

Discover how essential oils affect our emotional non-verbal brain & help us release negative patterning.

Ancient Roman, Egyptian, Persian, Indian & Chinese used Essential Oils in temples, churches & synagogues in healing & religious ceremonies.

Learn the hundreds of practical uses oils have in for our families. Gain professional expertise. Live fragrantly!

Build an oil business to finance your studies!

“When I received my first Raindrop Therapy session, I felt my energetic field expand as I connected to the external world in a new way.

I  feel blessed to receive such a beautiful service and gift from a fellow student.

The morning after my first session, I felt happy, joyful and light! I honestly have not woken up feeling this great in months!

The profound healing I received from the essential oils on a cellular level is refreshing and life changing.

I feel lucky to be here with Farida Sharan & the other students, in the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.”

Jessica Fanning-Gremley, aesthetician, Golden, Colorado.

“With the layering of essential oils in the Raindrop Technique, I sunk deeper and deeper into myself, both as giver and receiver.

The slow, relaxing, methodical movements ground me deep in my core while receiving the benefits of inhaling the oils as I absorbed them with my hands.

When receiving, my vigilant center relaxed & I felt the care, attention and ceremony being given in my honor – a sacred journey. 

Exploring, wafting, inhaling each blend or oil fragrance & following the noticing of how each one felt different:

perhaps a calming, an opening, an uplifting or a grounding, each one brought my attention deeper into my body!

 Gentle Baby Young Living blend brought tears to the surface & a release of emotion I did not know was there.”

Melina Fritzler, Boulder, Colorado –Birthing Educator

. . . the oils of ‘joy and gladness’ bless our lives in every dimension

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