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Flower Essence Certification Course


Approved and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

Flower Essence Certification Course

School of Natural Medicine Boulder, USA

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognized Worldwide

Flower Essence Certification Course

Flower Essence Certification Course

Flower Essence Certification Course

Flower Essence Certification Course is enhanced by Farida Sharan’s 40 years practice with the Flower Remedies.

Farida Sharan ND received personal training with Nora Weeks at the Bach Flower Essence Centre in England in the summer of 1977.

She enjoyed a day with Nora, discussing Dr. Edward Bach and his experiences creating & recommending the remedies.

Nora gifted Farida with cuttings of all the Bach remedy plants for her garden in Cambridge.

Farida sent Nora a list of all the positive aspects of the remedies & after her passing, the Bach Centre made a book of the positive aspects.

Remedies were utilized with clients & students over twelve years in England, followed by 25 in Colorado, & with students and clients worldwide.

She offers experiential wisdom of the potential of Flower Essences in evolved sacred geometry, vibrational medicine & quantum field explorations.

Through Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings, each student explores their physical, emotional, social, mental and emotional realities.

Level I  Bach Flower Remedy & Level II FES Flower Essences

Students gain wisdom & experience from the history & practical use of the remedies.

Plant Consciousness connection, sacred geometry, vibrational sensing, gesture of the plants deepen living communion with the plant world.

Flower Essence Certification Course Level III supports advanced students to gain professional skills in consultation processing.

Advanced training builds confidence to hold a healing space for Flower Essence consultations, education, compassionate support & remedy creation.

. . . transforming the roots of fear into the flowers of courage

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