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Healing Diets Diploma

Approved and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

School of Natural Medicine USA – Boulder, Colorado

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognized Worldwide

healing diets diploma training

healing diets diploma training

Healing Diets Diploma – Nutrition Consultant

Healing Diets Diploma Training merges hands-on classes with Farida Sharan, Self Healing Module & Healing Diets Online Course

Offers students professional training in the use of food for cleansing, rejuvenation, longevity & wellness.

Enhanced by Self-Healing embodiment of the teaching to inspire seekers of health, healing & wellness.

Graduates emerge as authentic educators, practitioners & business builders.

Healing Diets Diploma Online Courses are mentored by Bonny Casel Melendy ND.

Learn creative inspiration based on understanding how to create delicious healthy nutrition.

Healing Diets balance the inner ecology, rejuvenate, support emotional & mental healing & evolve consciousness.

?Do your food choices support health, protect the environment, respect animals & respect ecological sustainability?

Healing Diets Diploma Training teaches respectful, creative use of food for healing embodied in personal experience.

 . . . comprehensive professional training in the respectful, creative use of food for healing

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