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Diplomas Certifications Naturopathy Diploma

Approved and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

School of Natural Medicine USA Boulder, Colorado

Naturopathy Diploma

Graduating skilled practitioners since 1977 with quality training recognized worldwide.


Advanced Naturopathy Class – Level II

“I was in a temple of learning, receiving clear, powerful education built on spiritual teachings of love.”

The Hippocratic oath says ‘Do No Harm.’

Resonate with the Elements of Life – earth, water, air, fire & ether – gain valuable life skills!

School of Natural Medicine UK awards Natural Physician Diploma after Naturopathy Diploma Graduation.

Requirements: all Class Modules, 4 Online Study courses, Self-Healing Module, advanced Clinical Training & Naturopathy Retreat.

Graduates awarded Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets Diplomas & Flower Essence, Reflexology & Essential Oils Certifications.

Browse Graduate Information &  School News on this website to meet our dynamic students & successful graduates.

Watch the YouTube clip of the Naturopathy Earth Element with Farida Sharan featured below.

 5 Elements of Life DVD’s & other DVD’s available on are included in Naturopathy Online Study Materials.

. . . live in harmony with natural laws of nature as an authentic inspiration, guide & support for others



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