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Flower Essence Certification

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School of Natural Medicine USA

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognized Worldwide

Flower Essence Certification

Flower Essence Certification

Flower Essence Certification


Our founder, Farida Sharan ND received personal training with Nora Weeks at the Bach Flower Essence Centre in England in the summer of 1977. She spent a day in the Bach Center and garden with Nora, discussing Dr. Edward Bach and his experiences creating the remedies. Nora gifted Farida with cuttings of all the Bach remedy plants for her own garden in Cambridge and showed her the furniture that Dr. Bach created. On returning to Cambridge, Farida sent Nora a list of all the positive aspects of the remedies, suggesting that the Bach Centre make them into a book, and this was done after Nora’s passing.

Flower Essence Certification Trainings at the School of  Natural Medicine, Boulder, Colorado are enhanced by Farida Sharan’s 40 years of using the Flower Remedies in private practice in London and Cambridge England, as well as with hundreds students and clients worldwide. She offers a wealth of experience and knowledge of the depth potential for the use of Flower Essences in evolved sacred geometry, vibrational medicine and quantum field discussions in classes.

Through Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings, each student explores their physical, emotional, social, mental and emotional realities in Bach Flower Remedy Level I and FES Flower Essences Level II , gaining wisdom from experience along with depth information of the history, sacred geometry, vibrational sensing, gesture of the plants, and practical use of the remedies.

Flower Essence Certification Level III trainings are available for advanced students who have practiced and gained the professional skills to hold a healing space for Flower Essence consultations, education and remedy creation. Advanced students attend Flower Essence III to refine professional skills, work with new students and continue their personal Self Healing evolution.

. . . transforming the roots of fear into the flowers of courage

What Are Flower Essences?

“We should strive to be so gentle, so quiet, so patiently helpful that we move among our fellow men more as a breath of air or a ray of sunshine: ever ready to help them when they ask: but never forcing them to our own views.” Dr. Edward Bach (Creator of the Bach Flower Remedies)

Flower Essences contain the ‘vibrational essence’ of the flowering parts of plants in water. Each Flower Essence holds a unique vibrational quality that shifts us out of negative mental/emotional states, whilst evoking the positive attribute of the individual flower. Flower Essences help clear acute situations, such as shock and trauma with profound often instant effects. Long term therapeutic use of Flower Essences supports personal evolution and healing with the highest potential of vibrational medicine.

Students learn to sense and recognize their vibrational nature, not only of their own bodies, but of the world that surrounds them. Einstein was the first scientist to verify the vibrational nature of reality and with modern scientific advances our understanding continually evolves. We know that, as human beings, we are more than just a physical body; we are also a body of ‘light’ and ‘sound’, and we are vibrational in nature. Our vibrational body both forms and is formed by thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Flower Essences are the ‘subtle body’ imprints of the life force of plants that initiate harmony in the subtle bodies of human beings. The living nature of plants contributes to the well being of humans, animal life and the life of this planet.  Flower Essences provide us with some of their greatest gifts.

Flower Essence Practitioner Course Contents

Flower Essence Practitioner Certification course offered by PureHealth School of Natural Medicine, SNM USA, explores vibrational healing with FES Flower Essences and Bach Flower Remedies with profound Self-Healing Processes. Authentic professional communication skills are practiced in dynamic conversational dialogue with Farida Sharan, creating Mind Maps, and sharing and writing descriptions of experiences to describe  growing awareness of subtle energies.

Flower Essence Practitioner Certification Course (total 60 hours):

Flower Essence Level I, II & III

  • Depth study of Bach Flower Remedies with evolutionary integrative brain processes
  • Flower remedy creation indoors and outdoors
  • Depth study FES Flower Essence system
  • Internal and external applications
  • Synergy remedies with essential oils, gems and nature’s gifts
  • Personal self-healing with remedies
  • Case studies and case forms
  • Flower Remedy drawings
  • Sacred geometry of plants
  • Vibrational Medicine
  • Field trips into mountain meadows
  • Plant communion skills
  • Plant selection skills
  • Dispensing methods
  • Flower Essence Formulas
  • Follow up support
  • Consultation skills
  • Codes of Conduct/Ethics
  • Integration with other therapies
  • Mind Maps

Course Fees

Students begin Flower Essence study with eith Flower Essence Level I OR Flower Essence Level II

Flower Essence I Immersion – 2 days (20 hours) – $800 Tuition includes personal remedy

Flower Essence II Immersion  – 2 days (20 hours) –  $800 Tuition includes personal remedy + $25 Lab Fee for FES work book

Flower Essence III Immersion – 2 days (20 hours) –  $800 Tuition includes personal remedy – advanced students only

How Do I Enroll?

Begin Flower Essence training by enrolling in either an FE I OR FE II class at SNM USA.

Explore the website, blog and the courses we offer and then get in touch by email and/or phone, as all enrollments with SNM USA is by personal connection with Farida Sharan or her assistant. Never a sales call! We are just as interested in welcoming the right student excited to be part of the school as our students are to discover the right school for them. Talking things through, asking and answering questions in friendly dialogue, discussing the possibilities and getting to know you is how we progress toward your becoming part of our quality evolutionary school.

Contact SNM UK in Boulder, Colorado contact Farida Sharan on the Contact Page

Welcome to the school!

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