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Iridology Diploma Training

Approved and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

School of Natural Medicine USA

Boulder, Colorado

Graduating Authentic, Highly Skilled Practitioners Since 1977 – Quality Training Recognized Worldwide

Iridology Diploma Course

Iridology diploma

Iridology Diploma Training

Iridology Diploma Training

Farida Sharan ND founded the British School of Iridology 1977 & School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado 1987.

She consulted and photographed thousands of Iridology clients over 40 years.


Farida Sharan hosted  conferences in Cambridge, England during the 1980’s to bring international Iridology teachers to the School of Natural Medicine.

These teachers included: Dr. Raymond Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Willy Hauser, Dorothy Hall, Harri Wolf, & Denny Johnson.

She also met and studied with Josef Deck and Willy Hauser in Germany and Danielle Lo Rito in Italy.

Farida lectured at the Jensen Memorial Conference in California, College of IridologyIntegrative Iridology Conference Australia & IIPA 2014.

An honored international teacher, she taught Iridology in Canada, Iceland, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Australia, England & South Africa.


Iridology – A Complete Guide, Iridology Coloring Book, Dictionary of Iridology, Herbs of Grace & Master Iridology Online Course

Iridology Introduction & Iridology Constitutions – DVD lectures with Farida Sharan ND


Learn an evolved system of Iridology integrated with Natural Medicine program creation.

Gain skills to analyze, educate & mentor Self-Healing Programs.

Experience purification, regeneration and transformation during your Self-Healing Module.

Become a living example of the teachings and an inspiring, authentic guide for others.


Students! Experience positive Iris changes during your Self-Healing Module.

Learn how the Iris mirrors physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual realities.

. . . follow the eye light of truth to the source

What is Iridology?

Iridology Diploma Training includes the structure, color and markings on the Iris to determine inherent strengths and weaknesses in body organs, systems and glands. This information assists understanding of the pathways towards aging and disease.

Iridology Education supports Preventative Medicine and provides  opportunity to create personalized cleansing and health building programs that focus on the exact needs of a client.

Iridology increases understanding of how stresses, lifestyle and habits interact with their unique strengths and weaknesses to create specific health issues.

Master Iridologist Diploma Modules

Iridology Diploma Classes & Modules:

All Class Level Tuition is $800 per class + appropriate Lab Fee. Full details on the School Calendar.

Iridology Diploma Class deposit of $150 per Module. Balance of Tuition $650 + any Lab Fees due at Registration on the first day of class.

Classroom sizes are small, 8 or less students, to facilitate dynamic interaction & personal attention.

Iridology Diploma Online Course Includes:

  • Iridology Online Course: mentored by Farida Sharan ND
  • 2 Iridology DVD Introduction & Constitution lectures with Farida Sharan
  • Iridology – A Complete Guide – Farida Sharan
  • Herbs of Grace – Farida Sharan
  • Iridology Coloring Book – Farida Sharan & Ghatfan Safi (e-book)
  • Dictionary of Iridology – Farida Sharan & Ghatfan Safi (e-book)
  • CD of Iris photos, Iris Assignment slides

Iridology Diploma Graduates

Graduates receive the Approved Colorado State Board of Higher Education Master Iridologist Diploma

Iridology Online Course Topics

Iridology Diploma or Certification Online Course Lessons:

  1. Philosophy of Iridology from 1000 BC to present day
  2. Symbolic Language of the Interior World – Iris topography, embryology, iris drawing
  3. Iris Texture, Density, Constitution & Structure
  4. Basic Iris Signs
  5. Elimination Channels
  6. Nervous System in the Iris & Treatment
  7. Digestive System in the Iris & Treatment
  8. Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems in the Iris & Treatment
  9. Endocrine & Reproductive Systems in the Iris & Treatment
  10. Respiratory & Urinary Systems in the Iris & Treatment
  11. Skeletal & Muscular Systems in the Iris & Treatment
  12. Faridian Iridology psychological life processes
  13. Rayid Model & other psychological models
  14. Flower Essences & Iridology   

Iridology Course Class Topics

IridologyLevel I class includes Iridology markings, textures, colors, constitutions, Iris drawing, Iris photography, program creation, student Iris analysis, educational & consultation skills.Program creation includes Healing Diets, Herbal Nutrients, Flower Essences, Essential Oils & Naturopathy treatments enhanced by educational physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual mentoring.

Iridology Level II class, students create an Iris Mandala to discover how their unique Iris Constitutional patterns and Iris markings mirror and influence how they process life. Students explore each Constitution physically, mental and psychologically.

Iridology Diploma Course Classes:

    1. Iridology Online Course
    2. Self-Healing Module
    3. Iridology Level I  
    4. Iridology Level II 
    5. Healing Diets I & II
    6. Herbal Medicine I, II & III
    7. Naturopathy I & II
    8. Flower Essence I or II 
    9. Essential Oils I or II 

How Do I Enroll?

Explore enrollment. Contact Farida Sharan at SNM USA on the Contact Page on this website.

Students begin their studies with Class Modules in the USA and/or Online Courses. Students may enroll at any time during the year.

Familiarize yourself with the website, the School News Blog and the courses that we offer.

Email any questions, then telephone to ask questions and discuss your enrollment. You are also welcome to make an appointment to visit the school.

All students choose the study path that best suits their circumstances.

Iridology Diploma Course Enrollment Process:

All enrollment is through personal conversation. Just as you seek the right school, we like to get to know our potential students.

  • Complete the Application Form that we email to you.
  • Scan a copy of a photo ID and attach to your application,. Scan, email or mail.
  • Submit a personal photograph of yourself. Scan or mail.
  • Write about why you want to study Iridology, your goals, and include with your application.

Email the application, photo and information to the school.  Students choose to pay with a credit card, check, cash, money order or bank wire.

We look forward to welcoming you to your Iridology studies!

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