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Reflexology Certification Course

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School of Natural Medicine USA

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MT Reflexology session

Reflexology Certification Course


Reflexology Certification Training awakens a sense of biblical holy divinity that allows profoundly deep parasympathetic relaxation. Highly attuned communion touch combined with superb professional skills allows approach to even painful areas with a sensitivity that supports unwinding. The inner ecology releases tension and blockage in circulation and specific organs, glands and systems and adjusts with natural equilibrium to optimum balance. Therapeutic Anointing with Young Living Essential Oils offers graduates the skills to give Master Touch Reflexology unique, creative and personal evolutionary Self-Healing sessions to their clients.

This uniquely spiritual therapeutic anointing approach to Reflexology focuses on activating and nourishing a deeply relaxing field where profoundly deep work can be approached without pain. Students and clients experience bliss, visions, dreams and releases in a safe secure space that heals not only symptoms in the body but causes in emotional and mental trauma wherever there is holding or lack of forgetting and forgiving.

“Reflexology III advanced class allowed me to step through profound shifts in my being. After preparing case studies in my own practice, I dove deeper into the work in class and also observed how far I had come since my first Reflexology Level I class. I explored my levels of touch and feel I developed awareness so that I am comfortable with a very light and a very deep touch. The biggest shift I feel is awareness of what the person I am working on is going through. I sense energy and recognize what needs focused attention. I now feel confident because through the classes with Farida Sharan I have built trust. When I show up and am present I can truly assist my clients through their process.” Jesse Zoller, Naturopathy student, Boulder, Colorado

“Reflexology Level I provided an opportunity in a moment of true surrender to release the deeper pain of my life. As my partner’s hands moved into my feet, a world opened and slowly I saw and felt my body layers open and fan like a flower opens to reveal the fine details of my body and emotional pain or bliss, depending on which way I chose to experience it. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel. When giving, I love the experience of spiraling energy, the infinity touch of pressing in deep, then deeper and finally letting go slowly without letting go of the actual energetic touch. Bringing this truth into the heart and nature of the practice of Reflexology is a gem of wisdom that unites healing and nature. , I have also learned the true power of Young Living Essential Oils.” Jade Felton, Superior, Colorado, Naturopathy student.

. . . sole to soul with profound sacred anointing

What is Master Touch Reflexology?

Master Touch Reflexology is developed from each student’s unique touch so that their instincts, feelings and sensations flow with creative presence to enhance the optimum therapeutic needs of the client. As students explore over 20 approaches to touch skills, they discover deep and profound connections so that the giver also receives healing during the session. Young Living Essential Oils resonate with physical, mention and emotional levels of both the client and the practitioner, clients experience deep states of relaxation that release stress and restore balance.

Course Description

Over twenty touches are demonstrated in a natural way so that giving and receiving sessions become deeply healing for each student.

Professional skills are demonstrated to each student and guided individually, so that all learning is built on each student’s natural gift of touch.

Reflexology Certification Training in small classes of 8 students or less focuses on skills of attention, communion, listening, feeling, and being present with the client so that each session emerges creatively and uniquely in the moment, thus serving the client’s highest purpose.

Reflexology Certification Training supports the ability of a student to begin a practice, as once clients experience this approach, they will return and also recommend others. Our students often pay for training fees giving reflexology in clinics, fairs, health food stores, homes, conferences and hospices.

Assignments and case histories are required for graduation


1. How to set up the chair and client
Natural & Infinity Touch
How to anoint the feet with oil
Give & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

2. How to set up and give a foot bath
Spiral Touch
Long Currents & Polarity Touch
Give Session & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

3. Teaching of Dynamic Touch
Dynamic Touch Demo
Therapeutic Oils Anointing
Give & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

4. Teaching of Depth Touch
Depth Touch & Seeking Touch Demo
Therapeutic Oils & Touch Review in Sessions
Give & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

5. Subtle Energy Touch Teaching combined with Depth Touch
Therapeutic Oils & Touch Review in Sessions
Give & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

6. Continuation of Subtle Touch – Spiral Core Current
Therapeutic Oils & Touch Review in Sessions
Give & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

7. Continuation of Subtle Touch – Foot Cranial Pulse
Therapeutic Oils & Touch Review in Sessions
Give & Receive Session
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

8. Integration Creative Touch
Therapeutic Oils & Touch Review in Sessions
Give & Receive Sessions
Sharing, Questions, Evaluations

9. Complete 25 Case Histories, + 5 Case Histories followed over 3-5 sessions

10. Completion of Assignments

11. Give Instructor session for personal feedback and instruction.

5 DVD’s Reflexology Farida Sharan
The Reflexology Manual Pauline Wills
The Joy of Reflexology Ann Gillanders
Essential Oil Desk Reference Essential Oil Pub Co

Course Fees

Begin with Master Touch Reflexology Certification Training Level I:

Master Touch Reflexology I – $800 + $50 Lab Fee – YLO Essential Oils used in giving and receiving 3 sessions.

Master Touch Reflexology II – $800 + $50 Lab Fee – YLO Essential Oils in giving and receiving 3 sessions + foot bathing & anointing.

Master Touch Reflexology III – $800 + $50 Lab Fee – YLO Essential Oils in receiving 3 sessions.

How Do I Enroll?

Enroll in Reflexology Training with Reflexology Level I class.

Fully explore the website, blog, and the courses we offer and then get in touch by email and/or phone, as all enrollments with SNM USA is by personal connection with Farida Sharan or her assistant. Never a sales call! We are just as interested in welcoming the right student excited to be part of the school as our students are to discover the right school for them. Talking things through, asking and answering questions in friendly dialogue, discussing the possibilities and getting to know you as a person is how we progress toward your becoming part of our quality evolutionary school.

Inquire or enroll in a class in SNM UK, Boulder, Colorado – Email Farida Sharan on the Contact Page

Welcome to the school!

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