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Study at your own pace in the comfort of your home while receiving mentoring with master teachers.

Online students from all over the world thrive with interactive personal support with creative course materials.

Enjoy interaction with a quality school, not an online business with hired staff.

Online Courses are required for Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine & Healing Diets Diploma Courses

Naturopathy Combined Online Course includes four online courses. On completion, graduates also receive Natural Physician Certificate from SNM UK for an integrated study of a complete system of Natural Medicine based on the principles of purification, regeneration & transformation.

Herbal Medicine Online Course offers a full spectrum study of philosophy, chemistry, herbal materia medica & formula creation as a strong foundation for the practical application of superior nutrient herbs in daily life & practice.

Iridology Online Course integrates educational analysis of Irises with a complete system of Natural Therapeutics for the creation of individual health & wellness programs with an evolved system of Iris Analysis to empower and inspire clients to take responsibility for their health, healing & well being as they participate in Self Healing toward becoming independently healthy.

Healing Diets Online Course guides students through a combined theory and experiential study with Self Healing participation in cleanses, acute & chronic nutrition, phytonutrients, low glycemic diets, cultured & dehydrated foods, wild foods and more as lessons are enhanced with emotional connections to cultural habits, cravings & addictions. Realities of food production, additives & corporate & political influences are explored so that graduates are fully informed & able to educate clients & students toward depth understanding of health, wellness & the cause of disease from informed intelligence.

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Online Courses Comments & Appreciations From Around The World

“It is wonderful to get personable and detailed feedback directly from you.  I think it is awesome that your teaching is so hands on and it is such a blessing for a student.  There are not many schools or professors like this. It is very enjoyable to hear your thoughts and to be able to be corrected in a way that is explained.” – Brittany L., Texas USA

“Such an overwhelming but informative lesson. I have spent a long time researching GMO foods and biodynamic farming. I have been inspired even to take my household gardening to another level next year by employing biodynamic techniques. The movies I watched for the lesson were fascinating and eye opening! Thank you for creating such in-depth lessons which really cause us to THINK!” – Kristen S., Colorado USA

“I love  your course and I am so happy I signed up and am able to learn from you.” – Birgit L., Europe

“My eyes have been opened to the true understanding of what my path is now and I am looking forward to the future.” – Christina D.

“Once again, I’m loving the experiential nature of this course and how much more aware of my own body I am becoming. It is hard to imagine that I have lived so long without knowing anything really about my digestive anatomy, and I have so much more to learn.” – Claire H.

“I was thrilled when I read your letter/feedback. Just completely impressed that you read every word I wrote and you gave great feedback; thank you for that.  I appreciate you sharing about your students’ experiences in other parts of the world; we all need to be more educated on a global level.” Amy G.

“Thank you so much!!  I am enjoying my studies immensely!  I didn’t know there was so much to learn about WATER!!!!!” Annie J

“Thanks so much for creating this course.  I am so in love with this work.” – John D.

“This may sound redundant but I am loving this course sooooooooooooooo much.  Lots of healing happening on such a deep level around my eating disorder, which you will read about when I email my latest assignments.” Amy S., South Carolina

“I am loving the course, it is more than I expected, and its beautifully written. Having a good time studying the topics. – Lacy C

“The assignments don’t really reflect the enormous teachings that I am getting out of just being part of this course. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to transform and challenge old habits. I’m also noticing a pattern, when I am really resistant to something I usually end up ‘taking the plunge anyway’ or ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ and end up loving it. That is what happened with the water fast. So thank-you! – Clare H.

“The more that I learn, the more I know that this is for me and I spend time on trying to create subtle ways of introducing some aspects into the daily routine of some of our patients. It does bring me into conflict at times due to the nature of the work that I currently do. I find myself having to bite my lip a lot. Something of a reconciliation needed I think. I am already gaining a good understanding of how the combination of all four subject matter (Iridology, Healing Diets, Naturopathy and Herbology, give a really good 360 degree perspective on health and healing, which is sorely needed in this day and time.” Geoff R. United Kingdom

“Thanks for detailed and encouraging and wise feedback. It is enlightening in many ways and I enjoy your sharing of personal experience. You learn so much more and so much easier from stories of people you are interested in. “ Elena B., Asia

“I am truly privileged to have access to one new magnificent lesson every month.” Dev R., Asia

“Doing all the reading and reflection on this lesson was as fascinating and as useful, as the one for lesson 1.  I retain a lot of things without any effort and also am feeling a gradual improvement of health in spite of some failures and setbacks. I am truly and genuinely grateful to you for doing all this work on preparing the materials and putting them in the right language and spirit and coaching me through all the numerous valuable topics.” Jason B.

“I leafed through the first lesson and am terribly excited about reading and learning it all. I have already read a lot about water, but your material is deeper and thorough and very well structured. Very precise and clear language too.” – Rachel W., Asia

“The course is even better than I expected, although my expectations were high.” – Michael K., Asia

“Thanks for the tremendous gift of Lesson 2.  Am re-reading and re-reading and re-reading it.  Am very very impressed with your very thorough approach” Janice B., Asia



Online studies include mentoring with phone, email and Skype support by appointment. The unique relationship between student and teacher evolves as studies progress. Webinars, Hang Outs on Google & a Facebook student group 2016 . Shipping costs are extra to Course Fees.

Naturopathy Online Course includes: $4000

Naturopathy Course

Herbal Medicine Course

Iridology Online Course

Healing Diets Online Course

14 DVDs, 5 books, CD of information, iris photographs

Herbal Medicine Online Course includes: $1100

Herbs of Grace & Creative Menopause books; 5 Elements of Life DVDs

Iridology Online Course includes: $1100

Herbs of Grace, Iridology – A Complete Guide Revised Edition books, 2 Iridology DVDs, Dictionary of Iridology, Iridology Coloring Book,

CD of Iris photographs

Healing Diets Online Course includes: $1100

Herbs of Grace book.

Self Healing Module includes: consultation, iris analysis, Herbs of Grace book;

Flower Essence, Tea, Herbal Nutrients for 3 months with on going mentoring support. $1350

With Payment-in-Full, students receive course materials by mail and online.


Print, complete application, mark choice, sign, date, scan & email or mail with the following:

A personal photograph of your head and shoulders

A photocopy of your photo ID, front and back

A letter of introduction that shares your history, work, family, experience, your goals for study and what has drawn you to study Natural Medicine

You will receive a PayPal invoice, or choose to pay by credit card with PayPal, bank wire, US$

check, in US$ or UK sterling. PayPal & Credit Cards require a 5% fee. Bank Wires require a $75 fee. Checks or cash accepted by mail or in person.



Naturopathy Online Course includes: 12 months, Monthly $450

Naturopathy Course

Herbal Medicine Course

Iridology Online Course

Healing Diets Online Course

14 DVDs, 5 books, CD of information, iris photographs

Shipping costs extra, international by quote.

Herbal Medicine Online Course includes: 12 months, Monthly $130

Herbs of Grace & Creative Menopause books, 5 Elements of Life DVD’s

Iridology Online Course includes: 14 months, Monthly $130 Herbs of Grace, Iridology – A Complete Guide revised ebook & print edition book, Dictionary of Iridology, Iridology Coloring books; CD of Iris photographs; 2 Iridology Intro & Constitution DVDs.

Healing Diets Online Course includes: 12 months, Monthly $130

Herbs of Grace book.

SELF HEALING MODULE: Enrolled or Self Care students should 4 Monthly payments of $350

be enrolled in the Healing Diets Online Course for optimum wellness.

Consultation, Iris Analysis, Education, Program Creation, 3 months Herbal Nutrients, Teas,

Flower Essence; Herbs of Grace book; mentoring during the Module & onward during SNM studies. International Mailing extra charge. PayPal/credit card Fees 5%. Payment Plan: 1st payment Consultation $350 + 3 payments of $350.


Print, complete, indicate choice, sign, date, scan & email or mail along with the following:

A personal photograph of head and shoulders

A photocopy of your photo ID, both sides.

A letter of introduction that shares about your history with Natural Medicine, your goals for study and what has drawn you to study Natural Medicine.

You receive a PayPal invoice. Use your PayPal account or choose credit card option with

PayPal. A bank wire may be sent to USA or UK bank with bank fee added to the total.

A US$ or UK sterling check is accepted by mail or in person.



Course materials are copyrighted and supplied for the educational purposes of the applicant only, and are not to be copied or duplicated in any format, whether print, digital or web, shared, transferred or resold, without prior written consent of the authors. DVD’s are not to be broadcast in any format without prior written consent.

Applications are accepted at the sole discretion of the School of Natural Medicine International. Course fees are due in advance and are non refundable. Enrollment is commitment.

I, the applicant, agree to the terms and conditions as stated above, and confirm that the information on the Application is true, and that I am of legal age and have full authority to apply for the course choice as indicated.

Applicant Signature:  

Date:                                                                               Course Choice:          Fee $


I, the applicant, agree to the terms and conditions of the time payment option I have chosen above. I understand that this is a monthly financial commitment of twelve (12) or fourteen (14) equal payments, as noted above, due on the 1st of each month.

Applicant Signature                                                                                           Date 


Full Address:

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