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Healing Diets Online Course

Certification & Diploma Requirements USA & UK

Healing Diets is the path to success in the healing arts!

Healing Diets Nutrition explores nutrition, cleansing & regenerative diets, & food production effects on planetary ecology.

Superior nutrients for life phases, health programs, practice development & the politics the food are included.

Offer classes in your circle of friends & community & watch the enthusiasm expand!

Graduates work in spas, clinics, schools & create their own businesses.

Diet related disease is endemic in modern society.

Healing with food is often confused with popular dieting culture & medical best sellers.

Online students come from all walks of life & all over the world seeking depth understanding with personal mentoring.

Visit the School News Blog to read about classes, student news & graduate successes.

. . . comprehensive training in the use of food & nutrition for healing

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