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Healing Diets Online Course

Healing Diets Certificate

Healing Diets Diploma

Healing Diets is the path to success in the healing arts! Learn a true path that works!

Healing Diets presents nutrition, cleansing & regenerative diets, & food production effects on health & world ecology

Superior nutrients for life phases, health programs, practice development & the politics the food.

Diet related disease is endemic in modern society.

Healing with food is often confused with popular dieting culture & medical best sellers.

Students come from all walks of life & from all over the world seeking depth understanding with personal mentoring.

Students progress at their own pace, or complete one lesson per month for twelve months & complete in one year.

Visit the School News Blog to read about classes, student experiences, Self Healing & graduate successes.

Offer classes in your circle of friends & community & watch the enthusiasm expand!

Graduates work in spas, clinics, schools & create their own businesses.

Course Fees

Healing Diets Online Course fees paid in full $1100.00 US

Healing Diets Online Course Time Payments $130 US x 12 monthly payments.


Attend Healing Diets Immersions in the USA & the UK

Study Healing Diets with a quality longevity school of 40 years, not an online business!

Attend Immersions after studying Healing Diets Online Course if you wish.

Healing Diets Online Course was developed by Bonny Casel Melendy ND, Farida Sharan’s daughter.

Experience Self Healing in study combined with food & drink creation, cleanses, research, writing, and creative projects.

Evolutionary learning is focused on understanding & embodying personal experience, not memorising for tests.

Students are encouraged to become a living example of the teachings & an authentic guide & inspiration for clients.

Healing Diets Online Course

Healing Diets Online Course Contents

Experience cleanses, recipes, creating living foods, cultured foods & dehydrated foods.

  • Water
  • Cleansing Diets, Fasting, Juice Feasting, Green Drinks & Soups
  • Alkaline Cleansing & Alkaline Diet
  • Eliminative Channel Supporting Therapies
  • Purification, Regeneration & Transformation
  • Body Systems: Digestive, Respiratory, Reproductive, Endocrine, Skeletal, Muscular, Urinary, Circulatory/Lymphatic
  • Transition Diets – combining raw and gently cooked foods
  • Food Combining
  • Emotional Eating & Eating Disorders
  • Cultural Diets
  • Taste, Healing Herbs, Spices
  • Living Foods,Raw Foods, Enzymes, Probiotics, Cultured Foods, Dehydrated Foods
  • Nutrients, Phytonutrients, Superfoods.
  • Life Phase Diets: pregnancy, nursing, infants, children, teens, active & sedentary lifestyles, menopause, healthy ageing, etc.
  • Tissue Salts, Vitamins & Minerals.
  • Food & Consciousness
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Diets
  • Food & Politics, Genetically Modified Foods – GMO’s
  • Factory Farming & the ‘Green Revolution’
  • Soil & Health/ Permaculture & Biodynamic Farming
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Creating a Successful Practice, Practice Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Case Taking Skills, Creating Effective Programs
  • Self Healing Embodiment of the Teachings

 Healing Diets Online Course

Enrolment Exploration

Explore the website, School New Blog, School Calendar & Enrolment page on the links above.

Email with INQUIRY isubject line  to tell us about your good self, what you are interested in, your goals & to ask any questions.

Browse the School Calendar with dates & fees & the attachments emailed in response to your Inquiry.

Request a Skype conversation to talk in person with Farida wherever you are in the world.

Enrol in Online Course(s) or an Immersion, OR both at the same time, at any time during the year.

You seek a worthy school & we seek a worthy students ready for profound life changing education.

Welcome to a longevity quality school with small classes, profound teachings & personal attention.

Enrolment Process

1. Complete Application with information choice(s), dates, payment method, signature & date.

2. Scan Application, Photo ID back & front & personal photo.

3. Email photo ID, a personal photo, completed

4. Tell us about your life experience, studies, goals & why you wish to study Natural Medicine & the healing arts.

6. Once your application is approved & payment complete, your study materials are sent to you.

Welcome to Purehealth School of Natural Medicine International! (established 1977)

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your studies and personal evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

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