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Herbal Medicine Online Course offers a thorough study of Western Herbalism including materia medica, formula creation, chemistry, sacred geometry of plants, and history and philosophy of Herbal Medicine related to the effective holistic practice of Natural Medicine.

Written by Farida Sharan ND, the course incorporates European and Native American traditions, with comparison to Ayurvedic and Chinese use of herbs.

The photos above show some of the Online Course students from around the world. Visit the School Blog to read their news and hear of graduate successes.

. . . including the complete system of Herbs of Grace formulas created by Farida Sharan

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the study of the medicinal qualities of plants, and their practical applications, to heal the symptoms and cause of disease. Knowledge of the use of herbs for medicine predates the knowledge we currently have of the evolution of humankind. The earliest discoveries of mankind include discoveries of man’s close connection to medicinal herbs. Ayurveda is the oldest complete system of herbal medicine known, at more than 5000 years old. Currently the majority of medicines offered by mainstream medical doctors are based on the medicinal properties of plants, including common medicines such as anti-inflammatories, fever reducers, pain killers and penicillin, an approach to healing bacterial infections discovered by herbalists long before Alexander Fleming took credit for doing so.

As the world discovers that the chemical synthesizing of the ‘recognized’ active ingredients of plants  carries it’s price, not only on our health, but to the health of the planet (plants are far to complex chemically for scientists to understand their holistic actions of the body), increasing numbers of people are returning to the age old, and significantly safer approach of using the whole plant, rather than its parts, for supporting health and healing.

Description of Course

This course contains 12 lessons. Students progress at their own pace. In depth studies are mentored and supported by email and/or Skype as questions arise.

Herbal Medicine Online Course Topics

Herbal Medicine Online Course Lessons:

  • History and Philosophy
  • Use of herbs in ancient and traditional societies
  • Chemistry
  • Climate, soil, active principles
  • Collecting, harvesting, storage
  • Extraction
  • Food as Medicine
  • Food as Poison
  • Food addictions
  • Affects of diet, coffee, alcohol, drugs, etc on healing process
  • Creating herbal formulas
  • Prescription symbols
  • Herbal Pharmacy terminology
  • Contra-Indications for a range of situations
  • Materia Medica – action, active ingredients, activity, applications, aromatherapy, astrology, Ayurveda, cautions, contraindications, chakras, elements, emotions, Chinese medicine, combinations, cultivation, dosage, energetics, flower essences, formulas, habitat, history, homeopathy, meridians, organs, names, nutrients, part used, personality, plant description, research, spiritual properties, substitutions, systems, taste, tissues, wildcrafting, and preparation.
  • Body systems and Herbal Medicine (Anatomy and Physiology is taught by body system and integrated throughout the course)
  • Holistic perceptions
  • Body/Mind/Spirit
  • Vitamins and Minerals for body organs, systems and glands
  • Botany
  • Naming and identifying plants
  • Collecting and preparing herbarium specimens
  • Plant classification appendix
  • Pharmacy and dispensary
  • How to set up a pharmacy
  • Dosage
  • Methods of herbal applicatiosn
  • First Aid Treatment
  • Acute conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Fomentations
  • Infusions
  • Ointments
  • Ovules
  • Pill making, capsuling
  • Poultices
  • Smoking herbs
  • Syrups and Tinctures
  • Iatrogenic drug induced disease
  • Herbs and Healing

Herbal Medicine Online Course also includes:

  • Herbs of Grace – Farida Sharan
  • Creative Menopause – Farida Sharan
  • The Old Man and His Soul – Farida Sharan

Course Fees and Options

Course fees can be paid in full or can be paid in monthly payments as follows:

Payment in Full: £750 (GBP)


12 Equal Payments of £80 (GBP)

The Herbal Medicine online course is a required module for the Master Herbalist Diploma (USA), the Naturopathy Diploma (USA), the Natural Physician Certification (UK)  and the Natural Physician Diploma (UK). Enrollment Fees are discount for the Naturopathy or Natural Physician Certification Online Courses .

How Do I Enroll?

1. Contact the school with any questions that you have.
2. Complete the application form for Payment in Full or Time Payments
3. Scan a copy of a photo ID and attach to your application
4. Submit a photograph of yourself. A personal photo is ideal.
5. Write a paragraph or two about what has drawn you to study this course or courses, and your goals, and include with your application.

To enroll in Online Courses, contact Bonny Casel directly at PureHealth School of Natural Medicine Online.

Once your application is accepted, and payment arrangements are completed, your Study Materials are sent to you.

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