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Online Courses Herbal Medicine

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Online Courses Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Online Course

Herbal Medicine is the study of medicinal plants & practical applications to heal symptoms & cause of disease.

Herbal Medicine Online Course offers a thorough study of Western Herbalism –

Materia Medica, formula & product creation, sacred geometry of plants, chemistry,history & philosophy, pharmacy, dispensary

incorporating European & Native American traditions & comparison to Ayurvedic & Chinese use of herbs.

Visit the School News Blog to read student & class news & graduate successes.

. . . including the complete system of Herbs of Grace formulas created by Farida Sharan

How Do I Enroll?

1. Browse the website,  School News Blog for class, student & graduate news & School Calendar for classes.

2. Complete the Contact US form and tell us about your good self. We email Application Forms & up-to-date information.

3. Telephone any weekday morning to talk in person, ask questions & enjoy a conversation!

4. Ready to enroll? Complete the Application Form, scan and email, or mail.

5. Scan a personal photo & attach with your application, or mail with your application.

6. Write about what has drawn you to study this course, your goals, experience, training, & include with your application.

7. Once the application is received & payment completed, your study materials are sent to you.

8. Some students begin with classes, some with Online Courses, and some with both at the same time.

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