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Online Courses Iridology

Online Courses


Online Courses Iridology

Iridology Online Course

Discover your Iris Print & its value to your life & health!

Online Courses Iridology are a world class Iridology Certification training.

Holistic anatomy & physiology is integrated with Iridology & Natural Medicine therapeutics.

Watch Irises lighten & brighten during gentle cleanses with superior nutrients.

Discover constitutional inherent strength & weakness pathways to health, wellness, healing & positive ageing.

Online Courses Iridology includes skills for effective Natural Health health, healing & wellness programs.

Mentoring by master teachers in the research & development of Iridology.  School History

Explore Farida Sharan’s ND MH MIr contributions to the evolution of Iridology over 40 years.

Visit School News Blog for student study & class experiences & enjoy photos & graduate successes.

. . . study with world renowned leaders in the growing field of Iridology

Online Course fees paid in full $1100.00 US

Online Course Time Payments $130 US x 12 monthly payments.

Online Courses Iridology

Iridology Coloring Book

Iridology Study

  • Determine inherent strengths & weaknesses in body organs, systems & glands.
  • Discover the meaning of Iris structure, colour and markings on the Irises of the eyes.
  • Educate clients on personal & constitutional pathways toward health, wellness, healing, and positive ageing.
  • Support preventative medicine & provides opportunity to create personalised cleansing & health building programs.
  • Provides understanding of personal stress levels, lifestyle & habits that create specific health issues.

Online Courses Iridology Subjects

  • Philosophy of Iridology – from 1000 BC to present day
  • Symbolic Language of the Interior World – Iris topography, embryology, iris drawing
  • Iris Markings, Colors, Textures, Constitutions & Structure
  • Basic Iris Signs
  • Eliminative Channels – Natural Therapeutics
  • Nervous System in the Iris
  • Digestive System in the Iris
  • Circulatory & Lymphatic Systems in the Iris & in Natural Therapeutics
  • Endocrine & Reproductive Systems in the Iris & in Natural Therapeutics
  • Respiratory & Urinary Systems in the Iris & in Natural Therapeutics
  • Skeletal & Muscular Systems in the Iris & in Natural Therapeutics
  • Faridian Constitutional Psychology & Other Psychological Iris Models
  • Flower Essences and Iridology

Online Iridology Course  Study Materials Included  are also available on

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Welcome to Purehealth School of Natural Medicine International! (established 1977)

I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your studies and personal evolution.

Farida Sharan ND

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