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Online Courses Iridology

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Online Courses Iridology

Iridology Online Course

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Master Iridologist Diplomas Requirement

School of Natural Medicine USA & School of Natural Medicine UK

Discover your Iris Print & its value to your life and health!

Online Courses Iridology are a world class Iridology Certification training.

Iridology offers comprehensive training of Iridology evolution from 18th to 21st century.

Holistic anatomy & physiology is integrated with Iridology & Natural Medicine therapeutics.

Discover constitutional inherent strengths & weaknesses & pathways to disease & aging.

Online Courses Iridology includes skills for effective Natural Health health, healing & wellness programs.

Mentored by master teachers in the research & development of Iridology.  School History

Explore Farida Sharan’s ND MH MIr contributions to the evolution of Iridology over 40 years.

Visit School News Blog for student study & class experiences & enjoy photos & graduate successes.

. . . study with world renowned leaders in the growing field of Iridology

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