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Iridology Online Course offers world class Iridology training for Certification or Diploma education, wherever you are in the world. The Online Course, written by Farida Sharan, offers comprehensive Iridology training, encompassing the evolution of Iridology from the 18th through the 21st century; providing training in holistic anatomy and physiology; laying the foundation for integrating Iridology with natural medicine and giving an understanding of how inherent strengths and weaknesses (constitution) create pathways to dis-ease and aging, that can be utilized for health and healing. Iridology is a profound tool to assist in creating effective natural health programs.

Studying with the School of Natural Medicine gives you an opportunity to learn from world renowned leaders in the research and development of modern Iridology ( School History ). Share in the discoveries the School of Natural Medicine and Farida Sharan have contributed to the evolution of of Iridology over 40 years. Align yourself with the study of Iridology that is fully integrated with Natural Medicine treatments, therapies, nutrition and personal Self-Healing.

Iridology Online Course may be applied toward the Master Iridologist Diploma Training for students of the School of Natural Medicine USA in Boulder, Colorado.

The photos above show some of the Online Course students from around the world. Visit the School Blog to read their news and hear of graduate successes.

. . . study with world renowned leaders in the growing field of Iridology

What is Iridology?

Iridology is the study of the structure, color and markings on the iris of the eye to determine inherent strengths and weaknesses in body organs, systems and glands, thus assessing inherent pathways towards disease and the individual way in which a person ages. This knowledge is uniquely suited to preventative medicine as it provides an opportunity to create highly personalized cleansing and health building programs that focus on the exact needs of a client. Iridology is also used to increase understanding of how a person’s stresses, lifestyle and habits interact with their unique strengths and weaknesses to create the specific health issues that they are experiencing, and how to reverse that process through the educated use of cleansing and rejuvenation. 

Course Description

The Iridology Online Course is a requirement for the School of Natural Medicine UK  Naturopathy Certification, and Natural Physician Certification. The Online Course is a significant part of the School of Natural Medicine USA, Colorado State Board of Higher Education approved Master Iridologist Training, and as such, is mentored by Farida Sharan ND as a part of that training, combined with Iridology, other classes, and the Self-Healing Module. Trainings are offered in Boulder, Colorado for the Master Iridologist Diploma. The Iridology Online Course may be taken on it’s own or can be combined with the Self-Healing Module. studied at each student’s unique pace.

The Iridology Online Course is a requirement for the School of Natural Medicine USA Naturopathy Diploma, Master Herbalist Diploma and Master Iridologist Diploma. The Iridology Online Certification Course through the School of Natural Medicine UK is personally mentored by Bonny Casel Melendy ND with support and feedback is given in person or by email and/or Skype as needed. Trainings are offered during the Summer Immersions in Cambridge, England.The Iridology Online Course may be taken on it’s own, with other Online Courses or classes, or combined with the Self-Healing Module. 

Iridology Online Course Topics

Iridology Online Course includes 14 lessons, 4 books, CD and 2 DVDs.

  1. Philosophy of Iridology – from 1000 BC to today
  2. Symbolic Language of the Interior World – iris topography, embryology, iris drawing
  3. Iris Markings, Colors, Textures, Constitutions and Structure
  4. Basic Iris Signs
  5. Eliminative Channels
  6. Nervous System in the Iris
  7. Digestive System in the Iris
  8. Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems in the Iris
  9. Endocrine and Reproductive Systems in the Iris
  10. Respiratory and Urinary Systems in the Iris
  11. Skeletal and Muscular Systems in the Iris
  12. Iridian Psychology
  13. Psychological Iris Models
  14. Flower Essences and Iridology

The Iridology Online Course also includes:

  • Iridology – A Complete Guide – Farida Sharan
  • Iridology Coloring Book – Farida Sharan and Ghatfan Safi
  • Dictionary of Iridology – Farida Sharan and Ghatfan Safi
  • Herbs of Grace – Farida Sharan
  • 2 Iridology DVD lectures with Farida Sharan
  • Disc of Iris Photos & Slides & Assignment Slides
  • Mentoring and assignment feedback in person, or by telephone, email or Skype appointment

Course Fees and Options

Students choose to pay Online Course fees in full or in monthly payments. Request the current application form.

How Do I Enroll?

1. Contact Us for further information and to receive a current application form.

2. Complete the application form for Payment in Full or Time Payments.

3. Scan a copy of a photo ID and attach to your application.

4. Submit a photograph of yourself. A personal photo is ideal.

5.. Write a paragraph or two about what has drawn you to study this course or courses, and your goals, and include with your application.

To enroll in Online Courses, contact Bonny Casel directly at Pure Health School of Natural Medicine Online.

Once your application is accepted, and payment arrangements are completed, your Study Materials are sent to you.

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