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Online Courses Natural Physician

Online Courses


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Online Courses Natural Physician

Natural Physician Online Course – School of Natural Medicine USA & UK

The Hippocratic oath states the first principle of Naturopathy as ‘Do No Harm.’

Natural Physician Certification includes Healing Diets, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology Online Courses

Online Courses enhanced by Self-Healing embodiment inspire graduates as authentic living examples of the teachings .

Naturopathy recognizes cause & cure of disease within the whole person: physical, emotional, social, mental & spiritual.

Naturopathy honors natural laws of living based on principles of purification, rejuvenation & transformation.

Graduates guide Self Healing herb & healing diet nutrition programs, naturopathy therapies, and emotional healing.

Photos above show some of our Online Course students from around the world.

Visit the School Blog to read student progress & graduate success.

Explore School of Natural Medicine UK Blog for extensive posts on the history & evolution of Naturopathy

. . . become Independently Healthy through natural living and personal responsibility

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