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Approved and regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools


School of Natural Medicine Diploma & Certification Classes ­

Immersion Classes enhance Quality of Natural Expanded Evolutionary Learning Experience

Visit the School News Blog to view Class information, photos, & Self Healing testamonials!

Small classes enhance self-healing transformation in life, heart, mind & body while learning professional skills.

A unique study experience to rediscover the joy of learning, connecting, growing & healing.

8 students or less per class for optimum quality, discussion, hands-on learning & healing processes.

Tuition for each 20 hour Level Module Class in our flexible system is $800 per class plus Lab Fee.

Deposit $150 reserves a place and balance $650 + Lab Fee is due the first day at Registration.

Two day Immersion Classes: Friday & Saturday  11am – 9pm each day – 20 hour Modules


Healing Diets Level I Class — July 30th & 31st – 20 hours

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Beyond Recipes – A fresh way to enJOY your healthy kitchen!

$800 x 3 + Food Lab Fee $150 = $900 less deposit with balance due 1st day July 30th.

Depth teaching of raw, living, organic, wild, cultured, dehydrated & transitional low-glycemic foods.

Enjoy creating & tasting superb quality nutrient dense foods that satisfy cravings!

Healing Diets Level I: Thursday July 30th & Friday July 31st – 11am-9pm each day.

Clear habits, addictions, cravings & cultural habits with a gentle cleanse!

Create delicious liver cleanse, seed & nut milk smoothie, blended energy soup, kale salad.

Flavor balancing with digestive enhancing spices & culinary herbs create delicious foods.

Self Healing emotional processing of nourishment imbalances with addictions, cravings, illnesses & habits.


Autumn 2015 Session Classes – All classes Friday & Saturday 11am – 9pm each day

Tuition for each class Module of 2 days is $800 + listed Lab Fee. Deposit required to reserve your place in each class $150 in advance. All enrollment commitment, deposits, payments regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools. Telephone to ask questions and make a personal connection. Complete Application Forms & scan, mail or bring in person to fulfill enrollment. Deposits will be invoiced on pay pal, sent by mail with a check, or paid in a personal visit to the school. All enrollment is personal with a no sales approach. We are as interested in the right students for this unique school just as you are interested in finding the right school.

August 28/29 – ESSENTIAL OILS LEVEL I – Death, dying, release, & transformational emotional healing processes. Exploration of heart, brain, energy integration. Oils skills. Give & receive 2 therapeutic anointing Raindrop Therapy sessions. Lab Fee $80. Take either Level I or Level II first.

September 4/5 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL I – Dr. Edward Bach Flower Remedy system. Explore the roots of fear to release creativity with personal Self-Healing processes to determine personal remedy. Mind Maps. Gestures & history of Flower Essences. Vibrational Medicine. No lab fee. Remedy included. Take either Level I or Level II first.

September 11/12 – REFLEXOLOGY LEVEL I – Therapeutic anointing: 20 communion touches offer creative, intuitive one-of-a-kind sessions; give & receive depth sessions; essential oils skills. Lab Fee $50. Level I must be taken before Level II

September 18/19 – NATUROPATHY LEVEL I – Explore the elements, chakras and emotions with movement, sound and music as we experience harmonizing & realizing the gifts of each element, gaining understanding of our emotional life, tastes, organs and elemental balance, thus stabilizing your emotional life and giving life skills wisdom. Lab Fee $75 for 5 music CD’s for future practice and teaching. Level I must be taken before Level II

October 16/17 – ESSENTIAL OILS LEVEL II – Self Healing processes of Trauma, Co-dependence & Emotional Healing prepares students to give & receive Neuro-Vagal & Auricular sessions. Students enter into their interior emotional climate as they discover feelings & understandings that evolve into clear expression so that self-definition, clarity, boundaries & asking for what you need & want thrives as a natural skill. Take either Level I or Level II first.

October 23/24 – HEALING DIETS LEVEL II – Explore food production realities and effect on health, politics, animal cruelty & planet nature survival. Create delicious transitional lightly cooked, & vegan cultured cheeses, kefir, yoghurt, & dehydrated foods , & delicious healthy smoothies & green drinks. Level I before II OK. Lab Fee $150.00. Take either Level I or Level II first.

October 30/31 – FLOWER ESSENCE LEVEL II – FES System: Integrating & manifesting spirit into body & life, balancing masculine / feminine energies. Emphasis on expression of inner experience & emotional life. Self-Healing processes determine student’s personal remedy. Take either Level I or Level II first. Essential consulting skills for practitioners of the healing arts. Lab Fee $25 for FES book. Take either Level I or Level II first.

November 6/7 – REFLEXOLOGY LEVEL II – Advanced exercises and skills to refine skills, experience foot bathing & anointing with Biblical Essential Oils; give and receive two profound sessions. Review subtle and depth touches. Prerequisite: Level I. Lab Fee $50. Level I required before Level II.

November 13/14 – IRIDOLOGY LEVEL II –  Discover psychological, spiritual, mental and karmic Iris influences & create an Iris Mandala to integrate your life processes and Iris markings. Prerequisites: ND I, HM, HD, IRID I, SH Module. No Lab Fee. Level I required before Level II

November 20/21 – NATUROPATHY II – Advanced Naturopathy Consultation, Program Creation, Educating & Supporting Clients skills. Refine advanced skills in Iridology, Herbal Medicine & Emotional Processing. Practice. Prerequisites: ND I, HM, HD, IRID I, SH Module. No Lab Fee. Level I required before Level II

December – Clinical Training Retreat for advanced Diploma students at a Desert Hot Springs hot springs spa near Palm Springs, California.


Approved Colorado Department of Higher Education Private Occupational School

Explore website thoroughly.

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Browse the attached email flyers and information.

Email questions and tell us about your good self, studies, family, work and your goals.

Phone to talk informally with Farida weekday mornings 9 am – 12 noon after completing #1 – 3.

Beginning & prepare with Online Courses if you have to wait to attend classes OR begin with a class.

Flexible module system welcomes students to choose classes that suit finances, work & family commitments

Note which classes are Level I before II and the others may be taken in either order.

Level III is advanced participation in a Level I or II class after practice, study & embodiment of the teachings.

Assistant Teacher program offers free classes opportunities to attain professional skills in supervised classes.

Students embody teachings through personal Self-Healing and evolution toward health, creativity & their highest purpose.

Small classes of 8 or less offer dynamic interaction, creativity, hands-on skills & Self-Healing processes.

Each student co-creates & participates in a caring, nourishing, safe environment of mutual trust & support.

You seek a fine school. We seek fine students to participate in a unique Self-Healing approach to evolutionary education.

Deposits, Lab Fees, tuition & conduct are regulated by Colorado Department of Higher Education DPOS Rules & Regulations.

Students honor commitment, financial agreements, respectful attendance, participation & communication.

Payments: checks, cash, Pay Pal, Pay Pal credit cards, bank wires, money orders accepted.

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