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Self-Healing Retreat

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Self-Healing supports students and clients on their journey to ‘Becoming Independently Healthy’. This unique healing journey requires self-exploration, self-knowledge, and self-love. Learn about your multi-dimensional being. Explore your body, emotions, mind and spirit as you study and experience appropriate cleansing therapies and self-treatments, enjoy delicious, nutrient dense Healing Diets, Naturopathic cleansing, rejuvenation and healing therapies, and benefit from systemic Herbal Nutrients as discover and attain your fullest potential. Independent Health is a right we love to share with our students.

Whether you attend one course, study to diploma level, or are a passionate seeker of health and wellness, a Self-Healing consultation, education and health building program will be of value all your life. Learn skills to help you harmonize your inner ecology, activate sluggish organs, nourish the nervous system and balance hormones. The Iridology Analysis will help you understand your constitutional inheritance, your strengths and weaknesses, and give you valuable information as to how you process life on all levels. We are all students of our own life and body!

The culmination of the Self Healing Module is experienced at the Naturopathy Purification & Rejuvenation Retreat when a group advanced students nears Naturopathy graduation. A dedicated 7 to 10 day residential program gives students the opportunity to experience a Self-Healing program away from their busy lives as they learn and experience deeper levels of Healing Diets, nutrition, Naturopathy cleansing therapies, bodywork and exercise modalities during advanced classes. Discover what is appropriate to assist you in your life journey with Healing Diets, Herbal Nutrients, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Naturopathy treatments, Reflexology points and more!

Farida Sharan’s book, ‘Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy’ is the optimum guide to support your Self-Healing journey.

. . . discover your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses as you become Independently Healthy

Self Healing Module Includes

The Self Healing Module consultation is pre-requisite to attendance at Iridology I & II, and Naturopathy II trainings, and the full module is required for graduation of Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine I and Iridology Diplomas.

Out of town students book consultations on arrival before or during the first day of a class, or they may opt for a telephone or Skype session.

Self Healing Module Includes:

  • 1 1/2 to 2 hour consultation including dynamic case history dialogue, Iridology analysis, and education support
  • Long distance consultation and mentoring by phone or Skype
  • Mentoring by email or phone or visits with local students
  • 1 hr program created and emailed within a week of consultation
  • Iris photograph in Iridology I class
  • 3 month Herbal Nutrient program, Herbalteas and a Bach Flower Remedy
  • Monthly Herbal Nutrient formula adjustment
  • Self-Healing support in all classes and trainings
  • Copy of ‘Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy’ book
  • Chronic care, longevity, or wellness levels of participation
  • Iridology education of constitutional strengths and weaknesses & evaluation of inner ecology
  • Healing Diets menus & recipes
  • Self-Healing mentoring during studies and classes
  • Participation is an invaluable aspect of embodying the teachings as a living example

Self Healing Fees and Options

Payment in Full $1150

Time Payment Option One: Natural Physician Online Training, explore Natural Physician Online page

Time Payment Option Two: Three payments of $450 + appropriate mailing fee

Time Payment Option Three: Full payment of $1150 + appropriate mailing fee

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