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Self Healing

Self Healing Student Module, Highest Potential Personal Wellness Programs for Seekers of Health & Healing & Retreats

self healing

self healing

Self Healing awakens body mind spirit evolution toward your highest potential!

Gain life skills to build wellness, prevent illness, clear imbalances as they occur and create longevity healthy life habits!

Highest Potential Personal Wellness Programs support individuals who wish to explore their healing journey with Farida Sharan ND.

Self Healing Emotional, Life Crisis, Emergency & Transition Counseling Sessions

Self Healing Module supports enrolled students to embody the teachings as they progress toward professional goals.

Delicious foods, personal herbal nutrients & teas, Flower Essences emotional healing & home treatments transform body mind spirit.

Personal mentoring discussions, questions and conversations create inspiration to enjoy a wellness lifestyle!

Iridology Analysis inspires understanding of constitutional inheritance, strengths & weaknesses & life processes for life skills.

Yearly advanced Naturopathy Purification & Rejuvenation Retreats for Enrolled Students.

Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy  is Farida Sharan’s Self Healing support book! Order on amazon!

. . . discover your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses and become Independently Healthy

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