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School of Natural Medicine USA

Approved and Regulated by the Colorado State Board of Higher Education Division of Private Occupational Schools

School of Natural Medicine USA-Farida SharanSCHOOL OF NATURAL MEDICINE USA, Boulder, Colorado

School of Natural Medicine USA, located in Boulder, Colorado offers Diploma and Certification Trainings in Naturopathy, Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, and Iridology, and Certifications in Flower Essences, Reflexology and Essential Oils, supported by the Self-Healing Module and mentored Online Courses. Farida Sharan ND moved the center of the School of Natural Medicine from Cambridge, England to Boulder, Colorado in 1988, leaving the British Register of Iridologists, Herbs of Grace and School of Natural Medicine graduates to carry on the work in the United Kingdom. SNM UK Patron, Countess Sally Baldwin, attended the first Summer School in Colorado.

We welcome enthusiastic inquirers to explore and discover whether SNM is the place for you to learn, grow, laugh, heal and become all you can be in joy, respect and gratitude. If you seek a training that prepares you to walk your talk, become a living example and an authentic guide for others, this is the school for you!

Founder and Director, Farida Sharan, is a leader and pioneer in the field of Natural Medicine since the 1960′s and has studied with many of the leading innovators and teachers of the 20th Century, including Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. John R. Christopher, Willy Hauser, Dorothy Hall, Ann Wigmore, Nora Weeks, Denny Johnson of the Rayid Iris Model and more. Inspired and informed by this lineage, she created a system of Natural Medicine that has proved its quality over 40 year of clinical practice. Her books, including the classics ‘Herbs of Grace,’ and ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide,’, are highly regarded and sell worldwide on and other catalogs .

School of Natural Medicine Graduates  lead accrediting bodies, create schools, found Herbal and natural product companies, write books, host radio and television talk shows, create successful practices, clinics and healing centers, and become leaders in the luxury spa industry. Most important of all, they heal themselves during their studies as they embody the spirit of Self-Healing that the School of Natural Medicine is renowned for around the world.

The Naturopathy Diploma is achieved when students attend all the classes, complete all four Online Courses,  the Self Healing Module and Clinical Training, and attend a Retreat. To find out more about the School of Natural Medicine, visit our School History Page , the Blog, and explore the Online Course Pages and the Diploma and Certificate Pages.

The move to Boulder initiated a new cycle where quiet mountain winters dedicated to writing Online Courses were balanced by invitations to teach in South Africa, Malaysia, England, Australia, Canada, India, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, and Iceland. Students enrolled in the Online Courses from all over the world and travelled from England, Israel, Greece, Japan, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico and all over North America to attend the Summer Sessions hosted in Kelly’s Barn in North Boulder. In 1997 a series of Iridology & Natural Medicine trainings in Iceland led to the founding of School of Natural Medicine Iceland and trips were made twice a year for depth seminars leading to the  Iridology & Natural Medicine Diploma.

In 2007, the School of Natural Medicine International became an approved Colorado State Board of Education Private Occupational School. Certificate trainings in Reflexology, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and Healing Diets were added to the Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Iridology Diploma curriculum.

In 2014, the Purehealth School of Natural Medicine International evolved to the optimum quality of flexible small classes to educate and support passionate, dedicated students who commit to the Naturopathy studies based on their Self-Healing embodiment of the teachings.

Naturopathic Graduation Retreats were held at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Rincon, Puerto Rico, Private Island in the Philippines, and the Institute of Naturopathic & Yogic Sciences , now known as Jindal Nature Cure, in Bangalore India. Recently Graduation Retreats have been hosted at BodyMind Retreats in upstate New York. Future Retreats, in supreme locations in Costa Rica, Hawaii and India, give students the opportunity to experience a depth purification and regeneration Self-Healing Retreat.

All enrollment is by personal connection, so phone, email and visit. Let’s talk and get to know each other. Welcome.

…preserving the true spirit of holistic natural medicine for future generations

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