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School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond

School Patrons: David Ward, Earl of Dudley and Dame Shirley Bond …..Past Patrons: Countess Sally Baldwin, Dr. John Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen

Certifications trainings in Essential Oils, Flower Essences and Reflexology in a Retreat Training



Offering Professional Naturopathy Training through Mentored Online Study, Holistic Self Healing and Integrated Immersion Retreats.

Offering Professional Naturopathy Training through Mentored Online Study, Holistic Self Healing and Integrated Immersion Retreats.



Certification Courses are also included in Diploma study!



"I began the Self Healing Module feeling it was a huge task and now I realize it was my first step on a wonderful journey of using valuable skills, information and wisdom for the rest of my life."
Samantha Marshall, Reflexologist, Colorado



In the early 1970’s in California, Farida used Self Reflexology over two years when she was Self Healing breast cancer. As she worked on her feet she applied deep touch to dissolve a painful crystal in the spleen area of her foot that reflected a family weakness from her grandmother and great-grandmother who had both died in old age of leukemia. Not only was Reflexology a major contribution to healing her breast cancer, but to healing hereditary pernicious anemia as well.

Mastering the skills of Self Reflexology are an optimum contribution to Self Care and qualify students to educate clients with Self Reflexology to contribute to their own Self Healing experiences.Foot bathing, therapeutic anointing, fine tuning & refinement of professional skills with subtle & depth touches. Immersions include sessions of therapeutic anointing.

The Self Healing Module includes Self Reflexology training and recommends sessions and exchanges with advanced students and practitioners.Students comment that they feel they receive as much by giving as they do when receiving as the nurturing energy during the



“I have come home to myself because I felt the support I longed for emanate from this open loving environment when my teacher, Farida Sharan, welcomed me to compassion, truth and love."
Amanda McNabb, Naturopathy, Colorado


Experience ‘oils of joy & gladness’ in your life, work & relationships.

Essential Oils affect our emotional non-verbal brain as they cleanse receptor cells, erase negative DNA programming, oxygenate & reprogram cellular function.

Discover your ability to ‘see’ with your eyes closed, to ‘know’ with your fingertips, open your inner eyes to sense and feel living energy within yourself and others and recover your inherent ability for insight, intuition, sensory intelligence, emotional balance, and being present with profound parasympathetic relaxation.

In this wisdom field Self Healing rises with ease into your natural being with gentle physical & energetic release, visions, memory recovery, bliss and clarity direction. As contact with our world takes place at the boundary of our tissue membranes, when we return to the source of feeling communion in the sacred realm of profound connection, instincts return naturally and gift both giver and receiver relaxation into a field of wisdom and natural healing alignment within and without their being.

Experience a fusion of 20 dynamic touches intelligence skills, therapeutic anointing, fragrant foot bathing and evolved Essential Oils wisdom for internal and external use, dynamic interactive touch posture movements, ancient biblical and modern scientific information, enhanced by Self Healing processes. Give & receive therapeutic integrated treatment sessions.

Farida Sharan ND studied & used oils in practice & teaching since 1983 with French & British aromatherapy in London, England, with 
Young Living Essential Oils for over 15 years, including an experiential training at the Ecuador YLO Clinic & a day with Gary Young at the Ecuador Farm. Young Living Essential Oils enhance physical, emotional, social, mental & spiritual shifts of healing consciousness. Join YLO with #316426 sponsor and be supported by Farida Sharan.

Self Healing processes of Death, Dying, Release & Transformation prepare students to give & receive evolved Raindrop Therapy sessions. Self Healing processes with essential oils for Trauma, Co-dependence & Emotional Healing prepare students to give & receive Neuro-Vagus & Auricular sessions.



"What a blessing to receive support and personal attention to develop my life goals, let go of addictions and nurture myself through healing, cleansing and living foods."
Miranda Palmer, ND


Vibrational Essences Assist Transformation of our Emotional Body

In the summer of 1977, Farida Sharan received personal training with Dr. Edward Bach’s close associate, Nora Weeks at the Bach Flower Centre near Oxford in England. After a day in the garden, discussing Dr. Bach’s experiences discovering the remedies and sharing his guidance for using the remedies, Nora presented her with cuttings from all the plants for her own garden in Cambridge.

On returning home, Farida sent a thank you note & a list that contained all the positive aspects of the remedies, suggesting the Centre make them into a book. A book including the positive aspects was published after Nora’s passing.With 35 years of using the remedies in private practice in Cambridge & London, and in trainings worldwide.

Farida offers a wealth of experience & wisdom of the depth potential for the use of Flower Remedies & Essences. Now that Bach Flower Remedies are available for sale online & in health food stores, potential students may ask, “Why do I need a depth training?”

The answer is that an effective practitioner needs to explore their own emotional history, mental beliefs & Self Healing challenges through the lens of the Remedies, so that consulting is not just about choosing a remedy, but the skill of a conversation that assists clients to deeply understand their being & inspire sincere impulses toward personal evolution toward their highest potential.

Dr. Bach searched for Flower Remedies to relieve his pain & suffering so that he could understand deep cause of illness & disease. This is the path students take so they may experience his most profound instruction, “My wish is that each person become so aware of their mind & emotions that there will be need no longer for the remedies.”

Dr. Edward Bach Self Healing journey discovered 38 flower remedies through their categories, gesture, roots of fear, names, sacred geometry, color, texture & qualities that reveal their profound vibrational purpose. Students explore the remedies through the realities of their physicial, emotional, social, mental & spiritual life experiences & nature to determine personal remedies. Mind Maps. Self Healing.

The Flower Essence Society (FES) system of over 100 essences. The focus shifts from the roots of fear toward dualities of father & mother, body & soul, male & female, leadership & service, & the more subtle challenges of life purpose, grounding, communication, energy levels, disconnection, creativity, will, bringing goals & ideals into manifestation, grief, confidence, integration of sexuality into life experience & more. Flower Essence Study is included in the Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Iridology Online Study, the Self Healing Module and in Integrated Immersions.


Certificates of Naturopathy Study embodied in Self Healing include a depth experiential study of Reflexology including Self Reflexology, Essential Oils and Flower Essences. Certificates trainings are an essential part of personal mentored Self Healing and Online Study and included in every Immersion Retreat.

Self Healing Retreats are planned for 2018 for students who wish to build health and seekers of Life Skills for abundance wellness living.

As Reflexology, including Self Reflexology, Essential Oils and Flower Essences are an integral part of Self Healing Life Skills the form part of the full Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets Nutrition and Iridology Diploma studies.

What we observe in and Iris Analysis (which relates to the body organs, systems and tissue quality, constitutional strengths and weaknesses and more) we can find and feel in Reflexology and vice versa.

Emotional healing, a major foundation of all Naturopathy studies, and of paramount importance in Self Healing, is approached through case history questioning and memories and counseling, and when a student experiences reflexology with essential oils and received flower essences and remedies for emotional resonance imbalances, healing shifts on multi levels.

The Naturopathy treatments, Herbal Medicine nutrients and Healing Diets nutritional approach to cleansing and transitional healing diets prepare a student by releasing and nourishing at the same time, thus facilitating openness to receive healing from all the modalities.

Certificates are awarded as a student gains expertise and are also honored during Diploma graduation.

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FARIDA SHARAN ND MH MIr FBRI FGNI MDMA Farida Sharan ND, is the Founder and Director of School of Natural Medicine International in Cambridge, England (est.1977), PureHealth School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado, USA (est.1988) author, educator, Natural Physician, mystic yogi, international lecturer and retreat leader. Healing breast cancer naturally in the 1970’s inspired a lifetime career in natural medicine.