I am a Naturopath and Evolutionary Educator excited to share
personal and professional expertise from forty-three years
of personal Self-Healing and embodied professional experience.

“I never knew such tissue changes were possible.”

School Patron, Dame Shirley Bond MD, studied Iridology and Natural Medicine and taught classes at the School of Natural Medicine in the 1980’s. Dr. Bond complimented Farida for her contribution to the Women’s Medicine clinic
in London, England in the quote above.


Farida received referrals to consult with female patients who requested natural support. After a consultation and iris analysis, Farida created a personal herbal nutrient formula, blended a flower remedy for emotional support, guided clients in herbal home treatments, and advised dietary changes.

Conditions of infertility, endometriosis, cervical dysplasia, hormone imbalance and digestive and nervous system weaknesses responded positively to the Self-Healing programs.

Farida Sharan ND offers forty years of clinical experience in a complete system of integrated Natural Medicine. Jethro Koss’s Back to Eden book guided her natural Self-Healing of breast cancer with herbal nutrients, healthy foods and treatments in California in the 1970s.

Healing experience combined with studies and experience managing a Health Spa in Palm Springs led to the understanding of the philosophy wisdom of purification, regeneration and transformation.

This foundation inspired a health consultancy practice to share her experience that led to the founding of the School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge in the United Kingdom in 1977.

“I felt I was in a temple of learning, receiving clear, powerful education built on the spiritual teachings of love.”
– Nara Rosser, Naturopathy Graduate, Oregon

Evolutionary Embodiment Educator
Online. Self-Healing. Coaching.

Lightness of Being

Evolve: Problems = Solutions Mentoring
Heal: Embody Inner Ecology Self-Healing


Elements of Life Healing Therapies
Naturopathy Diploma & Certificate Studies

United Kingdom

Heritage. History. Lifework 1977–2020.
Nature. Family. Spirituality.

Cambodia. Thailand

Teaching. Culture. Buddhism.
Lotus Teaching Retreats | Temples


Mother India Spiritual Home
Beas, Punjab Travel 1977-2019

Wisdome Summer School

Boulder, Colorado 1988 – 2019
Experience Personal Evolution

Elements of Life Naturopathy

Five Week Elements of Life
Naturopathy Immersion Retreats

Elements of Life Deepen Teaching 1988–94
Body Heart Mind Spirit Temple
Naturopathy Embodied in Experience

Aspen Grove Studio on 3 Acres

Rocky Mountain 8,300 High
1988 -2019 Worldwide Students

City of Angels Flower Child1960’s

Creative Black Light Fashion
Fashion and Jewelry Nemo Studio

Boutique Fashion Creations

Sunset Strip 1960’s Boutique
Mylar Jewelry & Black Light Silks

Maui, Hawaii 60s Community

Silk Layer One Shoulder Circle Dress
Nature. Ocean. Hawaiian Culture.

Eldest Child A Son

Freedom. Intelligence. Nature
Surfer. Aeronautic Engineer. Thailand.

Eldest Daughter

Playful. Loving. Creative Skills.
California. Colorado. England.

Youngest Daughter

Friendly. Humorous. Academic.
California. Colorado. England.

British Columbia Childhood

Freedom. Safety. Nature
Athletic. Studious. Spiritual.

British Columbia Teenager

University Newspaper Editor
Jazz. Chess. Beatnik Style.

Alaska. England. Europe

Working. Saving. Dreaming.
London Buddhism | Paris Shakespeare & Co.

BRITISH COLUMBIA CHILDHOOD, TEENS. LONDON & PARIS YEAR. Nourished in childhood freedom in the pristine wilderness of the mountains, ocean and abundant forests of British Columbia

MARRIAGE. ART GALLERIES. FASHION & JEWELRY STUDIO. SUNSET STRIP BOUTIQUE Farida moved to California where she participated creatively as a sculptor and fashion designer during the sixties. Seeking to explore the mystery of life led to explorations with spiritual teachers while studying bodywork and natural therapies.


DANCE WITH CANCER HEADING ADVENTURES Searching for an answer to a medical breast cancer diagnosis with Jethro Kloss’s book, Back of Eden, Farida chose fasting instead of radical surgery. She camped in nature near Mammoth hot springs in the California Sierras with her children as fasting opened understanding of the mystery and purpose of life.

MOUNT SHASTA SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS Self healing continued in Mount Shasta with the spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris, of the I AM Masters, who gave her the mantra, “I am the Temple of the Living God.’

CALIFORNIA DESERT HEALING AND SPA CAREER 1975. Aafter two years utilizing healing diets, Self Reflexology, yoga and spiritual practices, she continued healing the multi-level causes of breast cancer. A move to Palm Springs to manage a Health Spa at a luxury resort included advanced studies of Polarity Therapy that integrated energetic dimensions into her therapeutic skills.

EDMUND SZEKELEY – AUTHOR OF ESSENE GOSPELS Farida enjoyed a mentoring connection with Edmund Bordeaux Szekeley, author of the ‘Essene Gospel of Peace’ in 1976.

RAINBOW ISLAND WIGMORE STYLE HEALING ADVENTURE Healing 40 day fast on sun teas and fruit at Rainbow Island, a desert vegan retreat near Escondido, California, based on the Wigmore Hippocrates lifestyle.

HEALING WATERS HEALING ADVENTURE Invitation to live and work at the Healing Waters Hot Spring Hippocrates Healing Centre in Arizona developed further skills with living foods and water therapies. Herbs of Grace and Dance With Cancer books by Farida Sharan share details of these healing journeys.

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND. MARRIAGE. FOUND SCHOOL OF NATURAL MEDICINE Move to Cambridge, England in 1977 led to the founding of the School of Natural Medicine approved by the Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and honored by patrons Countess Sally Baldwin, Viscount Lord David Ednam ( Earl of Dudley), Dr. Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen. Write Herbs of Grace and Iridology – A Complete Guide.

CAMBRIDGE CONFERENCES Farida organized conferences in Cambridge for major world teachers of Iridology and Natural Medicine: Dr. Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Willy Hauser, Josef Deck, Dorothy Hall, Harri Wolf and Denny Johnson of the Rayid Model. Integrated sharing of their lifework discoveries contributed to quality professional trainings based on experiencing purification, regeneration and transformation in her own Self Healing.

SCHOOL OF NATURAL MEDICINE SHIFTS TO BOULDER, COLORADO From 1988 the School of Natural Medicine was based in Boulder, Colorado. Write Online Courses and other books. Farida received invitations to share the teachings in South Africa, Caribbean, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Iceland. She also held Immersion Retreats in India, Puerto Rico, Thailand, USA and the Philippines, and hosted yearly Summer School Immersions in Boulder.

WORLD TRAVELS, ASIA WINTERS, INDIA RETREATS. ONLINE MENTORING. IMMERSION RETREATS. 2021 celebrates worldwide One to One Online Mentored Study with Farida Sharan ND enhanced by Personal, Family and Longevity Healing Paths. Integrated Immersion Retreats in sublime locations offer opportunity for dynamic small classes to achieve Certificate and Diploma level trainings and participate in Lifestyle Healing programs.

TRUE SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE “Farida is the best Naturopath as her work goes through every layer of human mind, body and spirit. Self Healing with personal mentoring is effective to learn and gain experience from a true source of knowledge.” –Suzanna Thelwall, Totally Natural Skincare, Yorkshire

PROFOUND TEACHINGS OF NATURE “I clearly remember our first divine meeting, Farida…I am SO blessed that we both said YES to me joining the school …love, peace, joy and deep gratitude for the decision…I adore you and the profound teachings of nature. Sending you waves of love on the currents of grace.” –Tarah Michelle, Naturopath graduate, Hawaii

TEACHINGS HELP PATIENTS “You are pure love, Farida. Through your teachings I helped so many of my patients. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your love to heal and be an inspiration for me.” –Angela Stringhini, Naturopath, Cambridge UK

LIVING CONNECTION = PERSONAL EVOLUTION “The positivity in this school offers a living connection, a true, respectful, creative and loving conversation with Farida o see if we are right and true to work together. A true teacher, she supported me to become all I can be, not just to pass a test.”
–Eloretta Wedderburn, Healing Diets Grad, Jamaica

TEACHINGS SUPPORT THE WHOLE BEING “Farida’s commitment to bring the very best to every situation provides her students with support to develop physically, mentally and emotionally within a process that supports the whole being toward health and spiritual evolution.” –Bill Fanning, Naturopath graduate, Colorado

SHARING FROM THE HEART “Thank you so much for being who you are sharing your genuine self so that I could learn this path of healing. You taught me through your aughing and dancing but also through your angst and questioning. I know now to just BE fully in each moment. Thank you for sharing from your heart. ” –Myan Sorenson, Naturopath Graduate, Crestone, Colorado

MENTORSHIP OVER 20 YEARS Thank you for your continual inspiration and friendship!” –Krystal O’Connell, Naturopath Graduate, Colorado

GRADUATE EXPANDS TEACHING “I am inspired by the beautiful and powerful spaces you create whenever you teach! –Shanti Smith, Naturopath Graduate, New Zealand

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