Aches and Pains Vanish in Self-Healing Program

by | May 3, 2021 | Healing Stories, Truth Teaching

Aches and pains vanished during the first month of her three-month Inner Ecology program. Linda Latin, a Lightness of Being Naturopathy student, from Kamloops, BC, Canada, received healing and shares:

“I am one month into my Cleansing Diet Program and I am feeling more energized than ever, my aches and pains are a distant memory, and joy seems to be the flavour in every day. I am grateful to be a student of The School of Natural Medicine, and receive mentoring guidance from Farida Sharan as I progress through this process of change of living as an example to learn the benefits of Pure Health. With continued regular diet and herbal support to help rid the liver and body systems of toxins, I nourish myself as the truth unfolds, my body responds, and I embrace what lies ahead.”

The Evolutionary Embodiment Self Healing Prove the Teachings Journey in Steps:
1st: Online study materials to explore and reference;
2nd: Depth physical, emotional, social, cultural, mental, spiritual conversation consultations of life history realities;
3rd: Constitutional body system and life process educational iris analysis together with a refreshed lifestyle habit and choice creation emerges to prepare self, home, family and work for 4th Embodiment Experiential Step;
4th: Inner Ecology self-healing program to experience and receive a new level of emergence toward a personal longevity lifestyle of becoming independently healthy with clarity, confidence, and life skills.
5th: Honouring life purpose, offering professional expertise in creative lifework, and participating in a natural spiritual awakening with respect for life, nature and community to give and receive to self, others, and all of life with compassionate kindness.
6th: Living Example Livelihood and Service to Life: Assistant Teaching; Advanced Studies; Immersions; Hosting Immersions and Training; Busines and Product Creation; Certificate and Diploma Graduation, and much more.

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