Amber Page, participant in the Tao Thai Growing Younger Immersion near Chiang Mai Thailand, January / February of 2020, experienced integrated Naturopathy study processes with self healing embodiment like skills, Elements of Life healing movement, Iridology, Life Skills, Self Reflexology, Naturopathy Clinical Training and more returns home to post her life refreshment of strength for her creation of her unique life expression and lifework practice and product creations.

The courage of a young woman from Melbourne, Australia, a massage therapist and inspired nature and natural healing enthusiast, is dedicated to the study, experience and embodiment of evolutionary education. She loves to seek, discover and become her highest potential reflects a spirit who respects the gift of life and seeks to fulfill her highest potential.

School of Natural Medicine with Farida Sharan offers life advancement Heal as you Study programs for personal, family and professional enrichment, online, and in select immersions in sublime locations in the United Kingdom and worldwide…check out Welcome to creating your own world of heart light spirit seeking truth.

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