A warm welcome to Brianna Sefcak from El Tejido (The Weaving) Community in  San Gil, Colombia, new enrollment in Lightness of Being Online mentored and embodied professional study in 2021.

I love Brianna’s humorous quote of her enrollment exploration experience, “I am already seeing benefits from the Application process!! I received lessons from Farida to achieve efficient communication and the importance of organization along with my emotional releases, haha. Maybe I am finally ready to integrate the basic tools of efficiency into my life.”

Brianna partners with Edwin Luckoff-Amador, an advanced Naturopathy student who already gained the skills and graduated as a Healing Diets Nutrition consultant, attended the Healing Diets and Iridology segments of the 2019 Colorado May Immersion, studied Essential Oils to complement his Massage Diploma, and is currently deepening his studies online with Iridology and Herbal Medicine Online Courses. Look for the posts that present his Healing Kitchen work in a community of 20 members and guests..

Brianna shares: “I am happy to introduce myself to Pure Health and the School of Natural Medicine, and greet those before me who helped the school to form and evolve, and honor the fire of purpose that unites us. I send warm welcome hugs and waves of inspiration to those to are yet to enroll and I give thanks for the opportunity to explore life and experience healing.

“Life in our small community is designed around exploring holistic well being as it reflects in our social dynamics, spiritual practice, intimate relationships, physical health, labor, play, mental/emotional awareness, and the creative energy that moves through us and in relationship to the material world that nurtures us. Ultimately we know this creation is all one, all aspects are interconnected, and none can exist in a state of health without the others.

“I am drawn to study natural medicine from a deep desire within my being to understand more how to weave this existence with strings of wholeness and well being, I want to vibrate within myself at the highest frequency, and push through my resistances to growth so that I may know myself, respond to needs and radiate health.

“The energies of creation swelling up in my being are trapped only by myself, and I ache to bring them to life. I desire to be more aware of my connection to nature, and to the power that it has to help us, as its children, to vibrate in health. I want to better understand how to work with and serve this connection so that I may do my part to assist humanity in doing the same.

“My goal is to grow, to vibrate in health, to liberate the creative flow that is waiting to move through me, to fulfill my purpose in this existence, and to explore what that is by taking the steps in front of me. I love to study, I love to learn as I have so many questions around health, natural medicine, and healing.

“I want to know how to nurture my body and have the discipline and self-love to do so. I want to better understand how healing on the physical level encourages the same on the emotional and spiritual levels and how we can work with all three in conjunction.

“I believe in the path that our highest purpose has laid out for us and feel that deepening into this study of natural healing is an important step for me. I look forward to seeing what it brings and what is possible.”

Inquiriers! Your First Class is free! You are given the personal time and care by Farida to explore enrollment and experience getting to know her in open exchange in emails and conversation as you explore the rich and varied 43-year history of the school and the students and graduates who illuminate the network of truth teachings as living examples.

Application for enrollment is a process of exploration, confusion, conversation, and eventually choice. Students are unique as they come from different countries, cultures, ages, levels of experience, and education, and all with personal goals of their heart and visions of mind and spirit.

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