Devon Detox – Cleanse, Purify & Face Thyself For Results! Spring 2020 begins with a dedicated cleanse created by Richard Anderson ND in his book ‘Cleanse and Purify Thyself’ that is tough, thorough, and excellent to clear the inner ecology system for a fresh start with increased energy.

Months of travel and UK winter storms diminish as I return to a refreshed respect and balanced beginning for a fresh cycle of living and sharing the good news of health, wellness, and healing.

This is my second cleanse at Stillpoint Detox guided by caring and knowledgeable friends in their lovely home and gardens overlooking Totnes and glorious sunsets in the sheltering hill that protects the town from blustery early spring storms.

Daily Program: 6 bentonite psyllium shakes lightened by a dash of lemon, 4 potent delicious vegetable juices, and 2 colon colemas. Supported with a stay in a comfortable room with a view, a bath down the hall (necessary for soaks in Epsom salts, bentonite, and essential oils), together with lots of time to enjoy rest, gentle walks into town during the alternating blustery winter weather, rain and storms brightened by sunny mornings or afternoons.

This cleanse was dedicated to healing the residue of a leg wound from an airport luggage accident in July that left me unable to sit cross-legged without pain and I am happy to report I now sitting almost cross-legged comfortably.

Gratitude and love for results! During my lifework of 40 years plus of experiencing, teaching and participating in guiding purification, regeneration and transformation programs that include various approaches to cleansing, each one gives its gifts abundantly as it is important to nourish and balance at the same time as supporting cleansing the system.

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