Meet Shion and listen to her healing story. She proved the teachings!

Shion Ulrike Bushner shares her recovery from post-coma physical challenges, memory loss, and concentration confusion during her personally mentored five-month Lightness of Being Self Healing Program with Evolutionary Educator, Farida Sharan ND.

From intense chronic symptoms for four years after the coma to wellness, energy, and health recovery in a five-month journey of mentored online conversations and email from February through August, including a dedicated three-month commitment to a full program of diet, inner ecology herbal nutrients, and evolutionary education guidance. Shion continues forward to build balanced strength for her Elder Longevity Lifestyle.

Shion visited Totnes in mid-September when the fabulous local videographer, Beccy Strong, captured her amazing story.

Life is precious and well worth fighting for with life skills and the willingness to evolve.

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