Graduate Dani Espinosa achieves study dreams and goals. Dani practices as the owner of Eye in the Team Iridology practice. Recently married, Dani and Matt purchased their dream property, Triangle Pines, to create a healing retreat center in Lake George, Colorado.

During her enrollment interview, Dani spoke of her dream to be a healing arts practitioner, to heal herself and to create a retreat center to help others during her enrollment interview with Farida.

Dani Espinosa's well organized Eye on The Team Iridology office with Dani shown wearing a lockdown mask.Dani trained as a teaching assistant during Farida Sharan’s various classes, graduated as a supreme level Reflexologist, and contributed to the hosting and teaching of Iridology and Healing diets at the Colorado 2019 Naturopathy Immersion.

She is also an essential oils therapist and advanced self-healer who proved the teachings as a living example.

Dani attended 2012 to 2019 classes in Boulder, Colorado and was mentored by Farida Sharan ND, Evolutionary Educator.

Depth personal and professional self-healing purification, regeneration and transformation embodiment of the School of Natural Medicine teachings prepared her to achieve her dreams and goals.

Dani shares: “I learned so much about myself and Natural Medicine since I started studying at the school. School of Natural Medicine is the perfect place to learn. The healing powers of nature make the most sense to me. I am a passionate and open-minded student who thrived with the prestigious curriculum and caring teachers of the School of Natural Medicine.

“I have been applying everything I have learned to my own life and analyzed hundreds of irises and noticed the most amazing patterns. Always, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations of a constitutional type match the life and being of the person. I am beyond fascinated. I deeply believe in your Faridian Iris Constitutions and cannot wait to learn more.

As a student, I received profound experiences in the School of Natural Medicine Essential Oils Reflexology and Therapeutic Anointing classes as Farida let our intuition be our guide. Learning by feeling and experiencing gave me the confidence to become aware of what I am doing by using the gifts that are naturally within me. The greatest lesson I learned from experiencing this delicate art of helping myself and others unravel their many layers of being is that holding a safe space for healing allows for amazing discoveries.”

When you learn by feeling, you gain the confidence that you will always know what you are doing. During this class, the energies that pulsed through the room and through your own body are undeniable. Realizing that all of the tools are inside of me is exciting. Each Reflexology session will teach me more. This has been such an amazing class. I can’t wait to begin helping others.

Please also let me know if there is anything I can do to serve the school. I am focused on completing the Iridology Diploma requirements. Lots of love,”
–Dani Espinosa, Denver, Colorado

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