Samantha’s video share of her self-healing embodiment studies and injury recovery.

Samantha Marshall, shares her deep-dive injury brain aneurysm healing during her Integrated Naturopathy, Essential Oils, Healing Diets, Iridology, Reflexology studies at the School of Natural Medicine, Boulder, Colorado 2017-2019.

“Two years after a deep dive brain injury, I received a Reflexology class session. A sore spot in one left toe activated a sharp sensation in the exact area of the brain where the embolism occurred. With a respectful touch, the spot dissolved with a release of emotional trauma I was unaware was still there.” –Samantha Marshall, Master Reflexologist

Samantha assisted at the London Reflexology and Essential Oils Training in 2017 and during the Reflexology Essential Oils Training in Denver 2019. She also attended Advanced Graduation Immersions in Malaga, Spain, and the Tao Garden Integrated Growing Younger Immersion near Chiang Mai Thailand.

Samantha embodied and proved the teachings of purification, regeneration, and transformation. She continues to evolve as a practitioner and teacher in Colorado with a health, healing, and wellness lifestyle.

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