Doctor, What Can I Do?

by | Feb 16, 2019 | Community, Truth Teaching

What can I do? The question most patients ask their doctors but rarely get an answer to. Why? Because it takes time, care, and personal guidance.

We give thanks to doctors for their skills, surgery, and support however it is up to each one of us to learn to do our own self-care and personal self-healing. If we give time to efforts of lifestyle personal, family, or longevity choice learning evolving options, we learn and grow, experience and understand ourselves and our own body, and Become Independently Healthy

Yes, there is much you can do to relieve the discomforts, challenges, and problems of health, wellness, and healing in daily life whether it be fear, anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia, exhaustion, grief, sadness, depression, overweight, hopelessness or other realities.

Shift your experience of daily life with simple, inexpensive home treatments, dietary shifts, flower essences, self-bodywork, essential oils, and more. Transform relationships, improve work performance, memory, attention, and focus. Create the lifestyle you long to live.

Enroll in a Lifestyle program suited to your time, resources, condition, and life purpose with personal One-to-One mentoring educational conversations with Farida Sharan ND, enhanced by books, lessons, email support, and a network of lifestyle personal, family, and longevity students.

Complete the contact form with what you are seeking or whether you wish relief from problems, obstacles, or symptoms. Together we co-create a personal healing and transformational path with a program just right for you to move forward into a new cycle of being. Step by step with discussion as we get to know each other, we co-create your evolutionary education program. The Step by Step Time Pay Option begins with minimal finances, or you can choose to begin with the entire integrated program.

Every choice is up to the student of their own life, heart, mind, and spirit in the temple of their body.

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