First response self-care and maintenance reduces illness and prevents chronic conditions for sore throats, tummy upsets, coughs, and flu.

Yes you can help yourself. Everything you can do makes a difference with tried and true natural remedy recipes to assist the immune system to overcome symptoms without suppression. Most effective when applied at the first signs of discomfort awareness. See your doctor for medicinal advice always.

First Response Drink: Simmer lightly on low heat until thickens, amounts to taste: ginger, garlic cloves, lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper, honey, water add apple cider vinegar and a tiny dash of salt when serving as warm as can drink. Gargle for a good while and swish in mouth before swallowing. Better to take less more often than more only 1 or 3 times.

Flower Essences:  Bach Flower Remedies Anxiety – Mimulus Fear – Aspen Release – Crab Apple Trauma – Rescue Remedy to reduce emotional stress that activates illness.

Travel Protection for Planes Trains and Buses: Purchase organic cotton puffs, face masks, tissues for hand wipes, small zip lock bags and drop oils on cotton puffs that are easier to use inside masks and more socially acceptable than opening bottles when sitting next to people. Take with you to washrooms. Clean seat and table top and food and drink utensils ear buds for movies, movie controls. Avoid spray so as to not upset other passengers.

Young Living Thieves oil or blend from medicinal grade Ingredients: Clove bud oil, eucalyptus radiate leaf oil, lemon peel oil cinnamon bark oil, rosemary leaf oil. Young Living Thyme, Oregano, Marjoram, Tea Tree Oils individually or blended.

Feed the Feet: Purchase large amounts of garlic, simmer slowly in a pot of water, add honey at the end to make a syrup, add oils of your choice and enjoy a good long foot soak giving your system time to absorb healing herbs through the feet.

Apply to feel and wrap in organic unbleached undyed cotton. Add to a hot foot bath with added cayenne and ginger. Pour into a hot bath with added cayenne and ginger. Make a chest poultice *Apply to back of throat, use tongue to massage

Clear Nostrils Regularly: Purchase a neti pot and learn to pour through each nostril and out the other side to clear bacteria living in the nose that reinfect the system through the night.

Start with plain purified water at first. When you are comfortable with a water wash, add a small amount of salt in warm water and dissolve, to further purify the area. Although the nostrils may be tender at first, as the nose clears the neti wash feels very good, activates energy and brain function, and helps your eyes see more clearly, and most of all the wash clears bacteria from the top of the nostrils and prevents continuous reinfection overnight as you sleep. Add one drop of Thieves when condition is more advanced. *Add small amount of garlic mix for advanced condition.

Poultices:  When any infection reaches the lungs poultices of blended onion, kale, and broccoli may be applied night and day to assist the respiratory system.

Steam onions, blend and apply warm. Wrap with organic unbleached undyed cotton and bandage with a stretch bandage not wrapped too tightly. Broccoli, kale also effective for chest poultices.

Protocol Before Bed: Water enema, followed by herbal enema (red raspberry, red clover, yellow dock, burdock), then an implant of garlic or wheatgrass for a few minutes or leave in if wished.

Neti Pot *Cotton puff oil mixtures placed on either side of teeth next to cheek to keep in all night to clear throat mouth areas and descend in saliva to clear digestive system.

Add: Colonics, oxygen tent sauna, infrared sauna, hot springs, bodywork, flower essences, cleansing diets, herbal teas, structured water, light.


Personal coaching sessions, self-care and self-healing programs, online study for healing diets that includes self-care and self-healing. Lightness of Being professional embodiment training, heal as you study.

Gain life skills. Embody wisdom choices. Thrive in a longevity lifestyle.

Become Independently Healthy.

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