Jennifer Kesic, ND MIR MH Naturopath Iridologist Herbal Medicine Natural Physician Graduate, works with and integrates the wisdom skills of Iridology, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Reflexology and more, thrives in British Columbia with her daughter.

I am delighted to share her latest cosmic photo to inspire students to imagine reaching the goal of thriving from the commitment enrollment launch into your own confident creative life as you choose to dive into embodied wisdom teachings as you offer and gift the effort to evolve to yourself with full dedication to self-healing evolution.

I admire the lifework creative confidence Jen displays in integrating lifework with enjoying life and family. Jen traveled several times to Boulder, Colorado for classes in all subjects, and then to Spain to complete her graduation at a 10 day advanced Immersion near Malaga several years ago along with Miranda Langelier, Melina Kayser Fritzler, who also graduated as ND’s, and Brian Sholette, Samantha Marshall, Summer Tori, Carla from Costa Rica and Jorg from UK received certificates and/or diplomas for specific study completions.

Co-creation of Immersions is formed by the energetics of devoted passionate dedicated students enthusiastic to live with truth teachings from a base of personal self-care and self- healing to become a living example of a wellness lifestyle to honor the professional skills grounded in becoming independently healthy!!!

New students enrolling this spring during isolating social distancing recognize the essential value of health wisdom as a natural practical right – it is a time to evolve together and create a healthy world!

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