“Your teachings are being shared with next generation of Earthatarians as I call them!” Amy Spadafora Thompson honored and beloved Graduate ND MH MIr Graduate says as she shares her teaching in her son Liam’s school.

“I am thinking of you today as I had a sound healing the children at Liam’s school for his room as they are learning about vibration. They of course loved the Rajasthani Rainbow scarves you created for all of us in Boulder Summer School. They were well used when we participated in the Elements of Life, Chakras, and Emotions profound healing processes experiencing the energies that weave our body, heart, mind, and spirit within and the nature that sustains us.

“All the children wanted their own Rainbows of course so we enjoyed a healing time together. I love my son’s school and making guest appearances to share with the students. Next time we are making hummus and rainbow salads from their gardens.”

Amy’s herbal tea company, Harmonic Infusions, supports her natural medicine practice, and her teaching and sharing in her Bluffton, South Carolina home and community, especially for her young son’s Waldorf and Montessori learning environments during his school years. Their family lives in their own organic sustainable Garden of Eden where fresh smoothies, juices, and healing diets meals are created every day. Liam thrives and enjoys his natural, healthy world.

“I provide a safe and loving environment for those seeking personalized guidance to help them to understand their unique inner ecology. In 1994, I attended the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado with Farida Sharan ND, and during my studies, I became her apprentice, worked as the school administrator, and managed the school herbal pharmacy and dispensary. In 1997 I received the Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist Diplomas,  and more recently attended Healing Diets classes in Boulder.”

Rainbows and Angel Wings Forever!!!

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