“I work for the Veterans Administration as the only provider at a small outpatient clinic in Lewistown, Montana.  They are expanding alternative therapies and allowing me to incorporate this work into the practice. I am blessed beyond measure as fell into place naturally with God’s spirit and all of nature aligning my life.”

Debbie enrolled in the Naturopathy Online Courses and life intervened for a few years before she returned for the Self Healing Module and attendance at the Integrated Natural Medicine Immersion in Boulder, Colorado in 2019. Her destiny to offer natural therapies within her Administrative nurse management team led to this opportunity with the Veterans Administration near the home and acreage they recently purchased for retirement.

Debbie accompanied me as a special friend during the May into June Colorado 2019 Immersion, She drove me to and from classes every day, sometimes sharing meals and Korean hot spa pools, sauna, steams, the body scrub plus enjoying rest on the warm floors of the amethyst or mudrooms. (I look for Korean spas, hot springs, and Turkish baths everywhere I travel, marvelous rejuvenation especially when teaching long hours.)

Immersions included 10 hour days of Essential Oils, Reflexology, Therapeutic Anointing Bodywork, Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Healing diets, to honor the journeys of students from Jamaica, Switzerland, Dominica, Columbia, Colorado, and New Mexico to receive supreme levels of hands-on education, skills and embodied wisdom experience and healing processes to evolve personal and professional expertise.

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