Eloretta Wedderburn from Jamaica shares: Studies with Farida’s support over five years took me to the 2019 May Colorado Immersion where I was given the extrinsic motivation to move out of my tight crushing box. I had to jump in a parachute and ask for financial assistance for the first time in my life, but with Farida’s help, we created flyers and pledges where clients enrolled in advanced and supported my attendance at the Immersion. Receptivity is a part of me now.

The Immersion was an experience with a difference as I started out with an open mind with visitations of doubts or fear, immersed in new and deep knowledge and practical experiences that will last a lifetime and outlive me in the lives of those being impacted by the new me

Since taking the Self Healing Herbal formulas and remedies I took home from the Immersion, my life has changed remarkably. I have a new outlook on life / health / well being and now realize that I can’t be well if my emotions are not in balance, so my life has been different as I no longer feel like I might topple over when tired from working long hard hours. I am strong and vibrant, my mind is clear, my memory is good, and I am a happy maturing woman. I feel so young.

My new practice is based on consultations on the concepts of Healing Diets combined with Therapeutic Herbal Foot Baths, Reflexology, Iridology and preparation of formulas following Farida Sharan’s book, ‘Herbs Of Grace’ instructions. My clients appreciate the office and are comfortable coming to see me. For clients who request house visits, I facilitate that need with delight, or, for example, a school principal requested a foot bath and reflexology at her school sick bay. I also gave therapies on outdoors (under a tree in the cool fresh environment with the wind blowing gently). I am open and prepared to meet my clients where they are most comfortable. I am learning on the job as it were. Each case is guided by the foundational Healing Diets protocols, but modifications are accommodated depending on prevailing circumstances. So many do not like regimental diets they experienced in the past, so they find this a friendly yet comprehensive approach.

The most rewarding part of the Practitioner experience is learning alongside each client and be able to walk them through the wilderness whenever there is a healing achievement crisis. Greater yet is the joy of feedback as the journey continues in love and others are introduced to the experience – the best advertisement ever for new clients to find their way to healing. My long-term goal is to have a retreat center, in a semi-rural community and hosting week-end retreats and week-long retreats.”

I have already completed giving the therapies to the individuals who assisted me in advance to attend the Colorado Immersion. The responses and feedback are delightful, and through their referrals, I am now building a clientele. I still have a whole lot to learn and will stay on the learning curve. I find that since the Immersion, I am better able to understand the information in the lessons. The information came alive to me! Your book ‘Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy’ is now one of my best friends.

Madam Farida Sharan, you are a woman of purpose! It took healing cancer to activate your true purpose with all things working together for the greater good. I am truly grateful to the Lord for having directed me to your training zone of Pure Health and the School Of Natural Medicine International. I thank you so much for all you have deposited in my life and in the lives of Jamaicans, indirectly. Thanks for your flexibility and patience over five years, however I am now complete and to God be the glory. The challenges were many and varied but you did not give out on me. You held the fort with me during the stormy times of big financial losses and taught me the value and power of receptivity. I owe you a debt of gratitude for going the journey with me. Thanks so very much my dear teacher.

When I was at the Immersion, I heard these words, ‘I took you here to clean you up so you can go home to clean up others.’ This has been my reality! I know I have a lot more to learn, but with what I have received and practice, lives are being transformed and extended. Every client I serve is benefiting from you and your teachings, Farida. May you continue to experience blessings and I declare blessings on your posterity.” Eloretta Wedderburn, Healing Diets Diploma Graduate, Jamaica**

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