Herbs of Grace was established in Cambridge UK in 1977 by Farida Sharan, with her formulas shared openly in her Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy book. Farida Sharan’s herbal nutritional formulas are personally blended from the highest quality organic and ethically wildcrafted plants to support self-healing and becoming independently healthy.

Suzanna Thelwall, School of Natural Medicine International and SNM UK student and Herbs of Grace herbal formula supplier, shares:

“I was totally exhausted from caring for my Mum, getting up every 2 hours during the night to assist her as well as feeling emotionally drained. Then I made myself a mixture of the Adrenal, Nerve Tonic, and Exhaustion formulas, and within a few hours I felt completely different.”

“My energy levels were so much better, the tension began to relax and taking the mixture a few times a day, I can fall asleep much more easily between night wake times (I also take Nerve Rejuvenator capsules when I can’t fall back to sleep).

Farida, I am grateful to you for creating the formulas. I try many herbal mixtures for educational purposes, but it is always your Herbs of Grace formulas that I find vibrant and powerful. Thank you, Suzanna Thelwall.”

Suzanne Thelwall, Naturopathy Student, offers Farida’s tried and tested formulas proved over four decades and personally blended in her Yorkshire natural pharmacy and dispensary as a part of her charming shop in Whitby, Yorkshire, and award-winning online family business.

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