The ancient Briton site of Leechwell Springs was dedicated toward leper care at the end of the 12th center by the Magdalen Christian Church Hospital until it closed in 1660. The old site is now on Mauldin Road at the top of the Totnes, Devon High Street.

To reach the Totnes Leechwell Springs, bear left at the park, to an immediate slight uphill until a left turn at the sign takes you down between magical stone walls of moss and wild flowering in a dim dappled light tunnel created by leafing overhanging trees. Enjoy the feeling of stepping back in time.

One wonders at the life around this holy place during the Roman era, and before with the Druids and Vikings, although the invisible past is deeply felt as the entire area sings of divine nature.

The Wells flow water from three water spouts below the high walls of flowering toadflax and aubretia into three granite trough baths – one trough for healing, one for good luck, and one simply as a place of veneration, or named in history as Long Crippler offering a cure for eye problems, Toad for skin problems, and Snake for snake bites and disorders of the spirit. The springs were believed to have medicinal properties especially if one suffered from leprosy. Town Wardens were responsible for the wells when they were a place of pilgrimage.

In 2003 an overgrown and forgotten rare triangular immersion pool was discovered behind one of the walls, creating a LeechWell complex of a trinity of trinities — the triple spring, the three-pronged path, and a triangular pool connected to ancient belief systems.

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