Student Shares Self-Healing Improvements

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Healing Stories, Lifestyle, Truth Teaching

Independently Healthy Moving Symptoms Through Principles: Body message symptoms call for attention: Cause? What am I doing? What am I not doing? What do I need? What can I do?

“A devoted student evolving a Longevity Lifestyle Creation writes on her progress after six-week progress from chronic coma recovery symptoms when now a fine-tuning stage:

“I am more svelte with fewer bags under eyes. Healing under your guidance has been profound. I feel a much deeper commitment and increasing clarity to my own healing. Thank you for exceptional guidance, with the ongoing focus of ever deeper healing and cleansing second to none, all the while encouraging one’s own innate wisdom. The greatest gift you have given me is to direct me to the medicine woman within myself. The most precious gift of all!!!! …Thank you thank you.” Shion Ulrike Bushner, Wales.

Farida’s Guidance Response: One of the challenges of Self Healing is that once you feel better, you want to relax and enjoy, however even more of the full program is required as the inner ecology herbal nutrients, teas, cleansing healing diets, and Naturopathy herbal home treatments are continuing increasing release that requires top form elimination.

Supporting the herbal program with bowels, kidneys, and liver healing diets and home treatments keeps everything moving through. Coconut oil regular massage softens the along with skin brushing scrubbing, as described in Herbs of Grace plus Epsom salts baths with added oil. Drink enough water and the kidney and detox herb teas.

Reactions are messages of varying phases of healing, so notice, question, scan daily habits, realize it is time to shift protocols to move things through. The more complete the program, the fewer symptom messages. Inner Ecology is a self-wisdom teacher.

You are the one that lives in the body and life choices and if you learn to scan and face the reality you usually get an answer. I am happy to share experiences and give reflections, ideas, remind.

Add in deep (end of meridians) head massage into soft areas that you press they respond land clear like the crystals with foot Reflexology touch that shifts quickly and moves energy. I also like to clear the Polarity Therapy lower back and hip energy with yoga and working with my body roller. Aways support bowel, liver, kidney, skin elimination. Everything helps. Personal self bodywork moves energy and increases natural eliminative functions.

Moving symptoms through, the earlier the better, keeps life energy flowing. Enjoy the journey of Becoming Independently Healthy.” Farida Sharan, guidance giving during Self Healing Program.

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