Naturopathy student, wife and mother, Kristina Ignacio, achieved increased energy, weight loss, and natural conception of her second child after it took years of IVF to conceive her first child. Kristina transformed her Philippine family’s culture into a longevity lifestyle of health and wellness celebrated with changes in life habits and Healing Diets nutrition.

After a decade of IVF treatments Kristina conceived Kadence, a child born with pulmonary polycythemia in 2012 (who healed after the family change of diet), and a second child, Knovi, naturally, after Kristina’s Self Healing embodiment of her Naturopathy, Healing Diets and Reflexology studies from 2009.

“Much grace to you Farida. I was talking to my youngest daughter, Knovi, about you today and wanted to say hello as I continue to dedicate sacred time to my self-care and healing in an extended time of peace. Knovi was the baby I was blessed with after our Reflexology training!

Remember I said, “I feel so well, I think I can go home and get pregnant! And I did.”

Kadence is well and growing. Both daughters are a reflection of the deep work needed in my studies to prepare myself and the family for the unfolding journey of health and wellness. Sending our love on winds of serenity. Kristina and family♥”

Weight loss happens naturally as the choices for true and good foods with positive conscious and informed choices craft a healthy family during Healing Diets, Self Healing, and Naturopathy studies. The body adjusts, functions well, and in Kristina’s case, removed the causes of infertility.

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