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Ariana Epilepsy Healing

by | Feb 14, 2020

Cambridge. 1980. Ariana, age 21, arrived with her mother who explained, “Since three weeks old, Ariana has had to be on strong medication for Grand Mal epilepsy seizures. She can’t go out on her own or go to school, but after seeing your notice in the Cambridge Arjuna Health Store, she insists you can help her.”

Once again, someone had arrived with a dilemma I had no experience with or understanding of their condition. I remembered Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Iridology chart included an epilepsy brain area on the left iris.

The mother departed and I began a three-hour depth session with Ariana, beginning with an herbal foot bath. I was curious to see what I could discover about this beautiful young woman and her epilepsy destiny.

The moment I asked Ariana to tell me more about herself, she blurted out a tumble of desires and longings to live her own life. Her hunger for normal living, wanting a boyfriend and life partner, the desire to create her own home, work that she loved were all woven from threads of intense longing and loss of freedom over 21 years of life minus 3 weeks as a newborn child.

She wasn’t interested in answering questions about her diet or other symptoms, so I let her express her passion and listened to a series of complaints, “I can never go out by myself. I can’t live like a normal girl. I just can’t go on anymore. I want a boyfriend, marriage, my own home, children. I want to go to school and be a baker. I am 21 now and I have to have a life. If I don’t do something now, I have this feeling I will never be able to change.”

As she was near tears, I simply said, “I understand. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.” Slowly Ariana relaxed and closed her eyes. I gently told her about Reflexology as I removed her feet from the foot bath and dried them with a towel. I wondered if I would find a sore area in one of her left toes that would correspond to the Epilepsy/Dizziness brain area in the left iris.

I began the Reflexology session with long relaxing strokes and gently massaged each foot before beginning to explore specific organ areas with a deeper spiraling touch. Ariana closed her eyes and sighed, a good sign she was enjoying the session. I worked on the right foot and then shifted to the left. After exploring the left large toe that relates in Reflexology to the central brain area, I moved to the next left toe and gently searched. When I used slightly more pressure on what felt like a small congested area on the second toe, she jumped. Yes. I could feel a small knot, often called a crystal, in the second toe that related to the epilepsy iris area of the brain. As it was a first discovery session, I did not go further into therapeutic release.

Moving on to Iridology, I showed Ariana the chart before I looked at her left iris. Immediately I saw a strong black line from the pupil through the stomach zone crossing the Autonomic Nerve Wreath, a unique individual shape that surrounds the digestive system in the iris, far into that Epilepsy Zone of the iris. Without saying anything, I completed the iris drawing.

I then asked Ariana to lie down on the treatment table. As I explored her abdomen, I discovered a hard area on the splenic flexure area of the left colon. In Iridology this is the same area of the digestive system that leads to the Epilepsy brain area and relates to the left toe crystal pain in Reflexology. I checked the abdominal areas on both feet more deeply and discovered congested areas that confirmed the integrated analysis of connection.

The mother arrived and they paid full attention to my explanation of Ariana’s Inner Ecology. After I explained the connections of the iris marking to the left toe Reflexology crystal and the sensitive splenic flexure abdomen area, I showed the mother and daughter the dark marking in the Iris with the self-analysis mirror and the chart that named that iris brain area as Epilepsy / Dizziness.

I asked them to return the following week before their departure for a six-week holiday in Spain. I needed time to prepare an integrated treatment program and herbal support. The mother shook my hand as she declared, “You have given us hope. No one has ever given Ariana time and care like this. We know you can help us. We will do everything you say.”

From 1977 through 1980 when I built my first practice in Cambridge, England, it never occurred to me to see anyone for less than three hours. As the practice and teaching grew I saw clients with shorter visits that I balanced with weekly classes hours to teach the supportive life skills. The School of Natural Medicine grew from these classes that began in 1977 in Cambridge.

Because of my experience of healing breast cancer, I wanted to get to know a person, discover cause in life habits, give therapeutic experiences to inspire self-care, and offer the education and inspiration to contribute to their evolutionary resolution. When people live in a free National Health Service country and make an effort to visit, pay for a consultation, and are willing to do their self-healing self-care, I wanted to give them long-term skills to understand their unique body and being. Most of all I wanted them to know what they could do to help themselves.

When they arrived for their next appointment, I was ready with their seven-week program. I had all the things ready for them to take to Spain: A personal herbal nutrient formula and teas for seven weeks; Bach flower remedy; foot bath herbal supplies; massage oil; Castor oil pack; an enema kit with herbal teas, and abdominal herbal poultice ingredients.

During the session, I demonstrated how to massage the feet and the therapeutic work on the painful area on the toe. I also taught them to gently massage palpate the sore area of the abdomen after the Castor oil massage. They both enjoyed learning how to make a poultice in my kitchen. We set their appointment for the day after their return, seven weeks ahead, and as I said farewell to Ariana and her mother, I couldn’t help wondering what the next few weeks would reveal.

Seven weeks later when I opened the door to Ariana and her mother, they both burst into tears. I was shocked and gestured for them to come inside. When they saw my anxious expression, the mother assured me, “No. No. All is well. We are just so happy to see you. We can’t wait to tell you what happened.” Breathing a little easier, I led them into the consulting room.

“We did everything you said. Ariana took the herbal nutrients three times a day, the flower essence all through the first three days then she stopped because the taste changed. Every night for five days, we did the Castor oil pack with the abdominal massage, focusing on the hard slightly uncomfortable area a little more. The abdominal herbal poultice was given during her rest time most afternoons. We massaged her feet morning and evening and worked on the painful crystal in the toe in the left foot. She didn’t want to do the enema because the bowel movements increased and she was shy, but we thought that was ok.”

She paused, looked at me, eyes wide, her daughter shining with excitement, and continued, “Then one day, about four weeks or so into the program, Ariana started to go into a seizure. But it wasn’t a seizure. First, she vomited all this black grime. Then she ran to the ‘loo’ and even more black matter came out, not like a usual movement, and the smell was awful.”

Then they burst out crying again. With relief, I joined them and we all cried together. They keep hugging me and this glorious young woman started jumping up and down, “I’m healed. I know it. I can go to school and have a boyfriend. I can have a life!”

I went to the kitchen to make rosemary tea and I could hear them chatting, making enthusiastic plans. “Was she healed?” I didn’t know. The toxic accumulation that her body threw out was certainly something old, something that must have been part of the cause of the seizures. I wondered if that was even possible. I had no idea how epilepsy was caused.

I went back into the room and served the tea. Breathing slowly, calming my mind, clearing my thoughts as I sipped my tea, I listened to their chatter about their holiday in Spain.

When my heart slowed and trust returned, I said, “It’s time to check the iris and see what it tells us. Our expectation was high. I took a deep breath, picked up my iris magnifier and light, and looked in her left iris. True to cause and effect, the long dark black line from the pupil almost all the way to the white sclera around the iris of the eye, was gone.

I turned to their expectant faces, “It’s gone. The black iris marking is gone.” This news brought on shrieks of joy from Ariana, hugs all around, and soon we were all crying together again.

The mother proclaimed, “It’s a miracle!” I replied, “It’s cause and effect. The miracle is the body, and the gift of our life.” I don’t think they heard me, but I knew truth had proven itself one more time.

When things calmed down, I checked her feet, all was soft and clear and the toe no longer had a painful crystal. The lump in her abdomen was gone as well. While I mixed another formula of herbal nutrients, and a Bach flower remedy, the mother came into the dispensary.

She whispered, “What should we do about the medications?”

“I am not able to advise on that. It is not my area of experience or expertise, and as you are under a doctor’s care, it is important to tell your doctor about this program, and see if he is willing to work with you to reduce or end medication. The body messages of iris, abdomen, and Reflexology show the obstruction that was in the colon, possibly from birth, is gone. That is a significant achievement.”

I advised a continuing program of regular Reflexology and abdominal massage, herbs, and a light diet to allow Ariana’s Inner Ecology to self-regulate after such a dramatic healing achievement. Continuing the Castor oil packs twice a week, and a poultice once a week would assist positive healing advances by increasing circulation and directly feeding the area of need.

Six weeks later, they advised me that the doctor was reducing Ariana’s medication and there had been no seizures. Working together with the doctor, the goal was to completely come off the medication. They achieved their goal soon after. For years we meet when shopping at the Cambridge Market and said hello. Ariana never had another seizure. She went to baking school, met a boyfriend, and got married. After some time, I never saw them again or heard whether she had her own family.

In my heart. an inner sun shines every time I think of Ariana and her mother, a sun of gratitude and love for truth and practical love in action. As challenging as life can be at times, life itself is a miracle.

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