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Temple of the Body

by | Feb 11, 2020

A warm welcome to new Student of Life Self- Healing, Shion Ulrike Buschner from Wales.

An illuminated path brings soul lights together again. I first met Shion over 30 years ago in my Cambridge practice, and now she returns to the school in a seemingly miraculous way.

She emailed, “Farida, I had a dream where you appeared and said, ” ‘You can do it!’ As I wish to take my own healing journey deeper, I immediately emailed Farida. The next morning in my  meditation before Farida replied, I saw a Golden Tree and fell deep into the image to realize it was a symbol of gratitude, richness, and abundance coming full circle on a Leo full moon, just before receiving her welcoming response that made me so happy.”

I responded to Shion with a warm and loving welcome as the process to explore choice during enrollment begins the journey of knowing someone as a mentor and friend with delight.

Shion responded: “Now I am ready to embrace my own healing and to grow as a medicine woman. The question is now, how and where do I begin on that Lifeship of Self. I am here and ready to sail. Thank you for your presence.”

After discussion of different approaches, Shion enrolled in the Healing Diets Online Course integrated with Self Healing Module embodiment.

Shion, an acupuncturist for 38 years, was inspired to study herbal medicine with my own dear teacher, Dr. Raymond Christopher, now lives a healthy creative life on her farm on country acreage near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, close to the ocean.

A mother of grown children, a member of a close community, and a creative musician and facilitator with her partner for sound healing, her life is full of hospitality, generosity, and inspiration.

“We spend many hours of an evening in sound experience. It is the inner resonance we are following.”

As an acupuncturist and health coach, Shion describes her work: I have been treating clients using a range of holistic therapies for thirty-eight years. Focusing on the health of the individual, beyond the treatment of illness alone, my aim is to restore a patient’s wellbeing, physically, mentally, and spiritually, supporting them at times of transformation and difficulty often accompanied by illness and stress.

Acupuncture is a wonderful system of healing, bringing about balance and adjustment to the next stage in our lives.”

Watch for a school seminar in the future on Shion’s land and in their beautiful sound studio. Wales is an evolving unfolding destiny.