“I am excited to finally begin my journey in holistic health as I recently met your student, Amy Spadafora Thompson (ND MH MIR HDN Graduate) at a Holistic Health Chamber of Commerce. When Amy walked into the room she glowed with positive, easy-going energy and after Amy gave her presentation, I felt like an excited child, and said to my friend, ‘Yes. Yes. She is everything I want to be.’

Welcome, Kaly Turkowsky from South Carolina USA shares her commitment choice of the Herbal Medicine Online Course as a healing embodiment path at the same time as her passion for loving-kindness supports Black Lives Matter.

“Thank you for allowing me to learn from you. I could not be more excited to grow and reach my full potential through the healing arts and with your guidance and knowledge. I would love nothing more than to be a teacher and share my passions and light with those who seek. My heart is so full knowing I am about to begin this journey with you.

“I currently live in Bluffton, South Carolina, and have a passion for plants and natural medicine. My dream is to grow herbs and plants and to have an apothecary/nursery that provides teas and healthy food for healing. I want to be around all my plants and make salves, satchels, food, teas as a business livelihood. During this time of Corona, I figured it was the best time to begin my journey and finally begin to live my life the way I have always dreamed.

“Amy invited us for herbal tea and a walk through her garden, and inside her home when I saw her books, art, and the jars on the shelf filled with dried herbs, I asked about the herbs, sharing how I wanted to have an apothecary, and she told me about you, Farida, describing you as this wonderful teacher who helped her manifest her dreams into the beautiful reality of the herbal teas company, health practice, teachings and gardens she now enjoys with her family and community.

“After leaving Amy’s home, I knew that the universe had shown me the next steps I should take. I could not wait to visit the school website and talk to you to begin my journey. I will share the good news with Amy about beginning my studies with you.

“I always had a fascination for magic and kept waiting for my ‘powers’ to kick in like a Disney movie. Eventually, I realized I had the magic in me all along as I have always instinctively talked to plants and animals and shared positive good energy with anything or anyone that needs it. I am most drawn to plants because they are as alive as you or I with their quiet beauty and loud vibrations. My dream is to create a space where what I love is appreciated and helpful to others.

“I still feel stuck about some of the events in my life I got through but maybe never completed the emotions that went with them. I would go numb rather than feel and when enough time passed, I didn’t feel the pain so much anymore. My childhood and young adult traumas need to be sifted through in Self Healing.

I believe my love and care for life will welcome the universe to take care of me. I would not change anything that has happened in my life because my experiences have made me who I am and I truly love the person I am. In time, Farida, I know I will heal with your guidance and wisdom to help me through.”

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