Naturopathy Course

Naturopathy Diploma Online Four Courses Integration Study
The Naturopathy Course is included when a student enrolls in the full Diploma program.


Each of the Four Courses Include the Study of all of the Courses. Advise the natural modalities that are right for each student of their own life when they are appropriate, healthy and helpful based on your training and experience. Various modalities support, augment and enhance a healing program. My experience proved that five appropriate modalities offered into the Inner Ecology of a person provides balanced support to allow the system to regulate and return to normal function over time. The goal is consultation life history, symptoms, mentoring connection, inspiration, Iridology education, counseling, life skills, and a personal Inner Ecology program composed therapies from Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Self Treatments, Home Treatments, Homeopathy, Life Habits and more.

Mentored Online Courses  are embodied in personal experience with the Self Healing Module. Each student create a study program that works with the student’s schedule, responsibilities, resources and study preferences while embodying the teachings to evolve daily life and personal health to become a living example of the teachings.

Lessons One to Three:
Naturopathy Integration Online Course begins with a deep exploration of History and Philosophy followed by deep dives into Acute and Chronic Disease.

Lessons Four to Nine:
Devoted to wisdom understanding of the creation of life on our planet is a play of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether energetic manifesting in creation in the Inner Ecology of all life in relationship to the Outer Ecology.

Lesson Nine:
Heredity, Sexuality, Reproduction, Rejuvenation. Humbleness enters our being when we see ourselves in a timeline of life with responsibility for our inheritance from our ancestors and responsibility for future generations. Becoming a strong link in the life you were gifted with creates quantum waves in all of love. Strive and seek for personal evolution toward all you can be and become to shine as a golden link to fulfil the dreams of your ancestors and the highest purpose of your own.

Lessons Ten to Eleven:
focus on understanding what we inherit, how we are influenced by family, culture and the world, and how we can use positive choices to fulfil our life purpose in the future with gratitude, affection and appreciation for the gift of life in the present moment.

Lesson Twelve:
Completion begins with reality checks on the challenges of creating an authentic a healing center that must consider profit without sacrificing truth teachings. Exploring this subject in relationship to your studies and your own healing experience offers a quality integrity measurement to guide graduate practice, teaching and business livelihoods in the future.

“Our community is a living example of the School and Farida Sharan’s truth teachings.”

– Edwin Luckoff-Amador, Graduate, Columbia

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