“When I read Farida Sharan’s Epilepsy Healing Case Study blog, I was inspired by the time given to the treatment. I would love to help people change their lives and regain hope. As the Lightness of Being Naturopathy study program bundles all my interests into one course, I look forward to evolving and embodying my full Potential of Being!”

Elysse Gomez continues: “My discovery conversation with Farida affirmed I am exactly where I need to be to pursue my dreams. I absolutely love Farida’s definition of what it means to know, live and understand holistic living. Our bodies are truly miraculous creations capable of seemingly impossible feats. I look forward to reading more case studies on the blog!

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I love living further east in San Dimas in a beautiful city with amazing views of the mountains. I am a Registered Nurse since July 2015 and landed a position in Emergency ER Care. I knew US healthcare was a flawed system, but when I witnessed how broken, I realized we practice sick care not health care.

In early 2016, I was introduced to a health and wellness company that educated me on gut health, candida overgrowth and the medical issues a leaky gut can manifest. We became vegetarian and a few months later, vegan. My skin immediately improved and healed from cystic acne related to overdosing biotin. Regular daily bowel movements became our norm and my husband lost 20+ pounds from diet change alone! The seed of a natural approach to self-healing was planted.

As I worked in the ER, I continued my research into gut health and plant-based diets and noticed the vast majority of patient conditions (diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, etc.) could be better managed, or even prevented with simple changes in diet and exercise. I longed to make a lasting difference in patient’s lives. Due to the pace of the ER, my discharge instructions consisted of: exercise more and choose better foods. Clearly, my Purpose as a true healer could not happen within the nursing profession.

I entertained ideas of becoming a nurse-midwife, holistic nurse, and nurse practitioner, but my feeling increased to ‘not wanting to be a nurse’. I started thinking bigger by considering chiropractic and naturopathic programs, but when we welcomed our first child in January 2017, priorities changed. Seeking my happy place, I worked in blood banking donation, dialysis, aesthetics, nursing home care, and recently, eye surgery, all the while growing my interest in natural medicine.

In 2018, I became Reiki certified and started daydreaming of a truly holistic practice inclusive of Reiki, crystal healing, and essential oils. For lack of direction, structure, confidence, time, and resources, I did not pursue this vision.

During July 2020 I reflected on the difference between the life I was living and the life I wanted to live and realized I needed to be 100% authentic to myself and my Truth(s). I committed to shedding anything that no longer felt like me or served my goal. My passion lies in getting to the root of an issue and provide ACTUAL healing. I am drawn to detoxing holistically— mind, body, spirit, environment, etc.

My goal is to embrace my personal power to heal and expand holistically to create an elevated living experience. My dream is to become a Master of all things holistic and natural in health and wellness so that I can educate and empower others to do the same.

I knew I was meant to be a healer, I just wasn’t sure what that looked like exactly until searching on the internet, I found Farida Sharan’s Lightness of Being.

With deep love and appreciation, thank you for accepting me into your program and community.” Elysse

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