Body of Wisdom. Spirit of Love.

Pure Naturopathy Courses Embodied in Experience
Willing Students Seeking to Learn and Evolve
Conscious Compassionate Creative Graduates

“Our community is a living example of the School

and Farida Sharan’s truth teachings.”

– Edwin Luckoff-Amador, Graduate, Columbia


Edwin Luckhoff Amador, a dedicated student of embodied healing arts from 2017 integrates Healing Diets, herbs, Iridology, music, and yoga as a living example teacher and leader in a vegan sustainable community in 2021. The community name, ‘El Tejido’ translates to ‘The Weaving’ to honor co-creative manifestation of a shared vision into reality as service for self and others working together to live a healthy conscious and compassionate lifestyle.

In 2020 the community created a healing kitchen, and in 2021, a healing center.

“I am excited to share the news of the construction of our healing center here on the farm! Keep this project in your thoughts and prayers as a new house of medicine and self-healing is being planted on this earth. I hope for the day that you may come and see it for yourself. Thank you for your abounding support and guidance.”

Personal & Family Healing Journeys

3 Step Online Course + Self-Discovery + Self-Healing
4 Step Includes Healing Diets Consultant Diploma

Time Pay Enroll Steps in Consecutive Order
Choose One or More Steps or Full or Time Payments

.01 Enroll: Healing Diets Online Study Course –£222
I Am A Student of My Own Life and Being

.02 Enroll: Self-Discovery Know Thyself Sessions –£333
I Am Ready to Know and Understand Myself

.03 Enroll: Iris Analysis + 3 Months Self-Healing –£888
I Am Prepared to Experience the Teachings

.04 Enroll: Completion Graduation Diploma – £555
I Seek an Authentic Living Example Lifework

Healing Diets Consultant Self-Healing Course
Four Step 60% Discount Full Tuition Payment –£1999
Four Step 12 Time Payments – £166.00 Monthly

Personal and Family Healing Time Payments
Three Step 60% Discount Full Tuition –£1444
Three Step 12 Time Payments –£122 Monthly

Professional Naturopathy Diplomas

3 Step Online Course + Self-Discovery + Self-Healing
4 Step Includes Healing Diets Consultant Diploma

Time Pay Enroll Steps in Consecutive Order
Choose One or More Steps or Full or Time Payments

.01. Enroll: Independent Study Online Courses
        Healing Diets Online Course +7 Books –£333
        Iridology Online Course +7 Books –£333
        Naturopathy Four Courses –£555 +7 Books/14 DVDs
        I Choose to Become a Student of Life.

.02. Enroll: Self Discovery Mentored Sessions £333
        I Seek to Know and Understand Myself.

.03. Enroll: Self-Healing 3 Month Program £1111
        I Prepare to Experience Wisdom Teachings.

.04. Enroll: Naturopathy Diploma Graduation £1111
        I Create a Living Example Lifework With Support.

Four Step 60% Discount Full Tuition Payment –£3111
Four Step 12 Time Payments – £260 Monthly

Three Step Full Tuition Payment –£1999
Three Step 12 Time Payments –£166. Monthly

Step One

Healing Diets Online Certification Course enrollment exploration of study materials prepares the student for exploration conversational consultation experience.

Step Two

Self Discovery of life history, symptoms, strengths and weaknesses prepares the student for embodiment.

Step Three

Self-Healing Iridology analysis and the three-month embodiment of a Healing Diets program, personal herbal nutrient formulas, teas and flower essences, merged with an educational Self-Care home treatment program guides a student toward self-understanding, life skills and the creation of a personal Longevity Lifestyle.

Step Four

Supports the student to Complete Course Assignments and prepare to share truth teachings proved in experience. Certificate offers credit toward Living Example Diploma honors.

Our Integrated Four Online Courses offer a comprehensive study of experiential Self Healing embodiment learning of the four foundational Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Healing Diets, and Iridology Analysis Holistic Anatomy and Physiology Online Courses embodied through the Lightness of Being Inner Ecology three month Self Healing Module.

Studies are enhanced by Self-Care bodywork, home treatments and vibrational medicine learning with Essential Oils, Reflexology and Flower Essences.

Life skills evolve as the creation of to a daily life Longevity Lifestyle gives students the expertise to teach and guide others from personal example.

Student progress follows the four steps of Study Materials, Self Discovery, Self Healing and Certificate Completion toward Diploma graduation. Attention honors the development of wisdom understanding of an evolutionary system of natural medicine. Students are guided and mentored personally toward developing a practice, a creative business and media presence skills on their study journey toward Diplomas and the Living Example Prove the Teachings Honors.

Naturopath. Natural Physician.

Naturopathy Diploma Online Four Courses Integration Study


Each of the Four Courses Include the Study of all of the Courses. Advise the natural modalities that are right for each student of their own life when they are appropriate, healthy and helpful based on your training and experience. Various modalities support, augment and enhance a healing program. My experience proved that five appropriate modalities offered into the Inner Ecology of a person provides balanced support to allow the system to regulate and return to normal function over time. The goal is consultation life history, symptoms, mentoring connection, inspiration, Iridology education, counseling, life skills, and a personal Inner Ecology program composed therapies from Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Self Treatments, Home Treatments, Homeopathy, Life Habits and more.

Mentored Online Courses  are embodied in personal experience with the Self Healing Module. Each student create a study program that works with the student’s schedule, responsibilities, resources and study preferences while embodying the teachings to evolve daily life and personal health to become a living example of the teachings.

Lessons One to Three:
Naturopathy Integration Online Course begins with a deep exploration of History and Philosophy followed by deep dives into Acute and Chronic Disease.

Lessons Four to Nine:
Devoted to wisdom understanding of the creation of life on our planet is a play of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether energetic manifesting in creation in the Inner Ecology of all life in relationship to the Outer Ecology.

Lesson Nine:
Heredity, Sexuality, Reproduction, Rejuvenation. Humbleness enters our being when we see ourselves in a timeline of life with responsibility for our inheritance from our ancestors and responsibility for future generations. Becoming a strong link in the life you were gifted with creates quantum waves in all of love. Strive and seek for personal evolution toward all you can be and become to shine as a

golden link to fulfil the dreams of your ancestors and the highest purpose of your own.

Lessons Ten to Eleven:
focus on understanding what we inherit, how we are influenced by family, culture and the world, and how we can use positive choices to fulfil our life purpose in the future with gratitude, affection and appreciation for the gift of life in the present moment.

Lesson Twelve:
Completion begins with reality checks on the challenges of creating an authentic a healing center that must consider profit without sacrificing truth teachings. Exploring this subject in relationship to your studies and your own healing experience offers a quality integrity measurement to guide graduate practice, teaching and business livelihoods in the future.

Integrated System of Natural Medicine

Studying one course includes the study of all courses
Support purification and regeneration processes.
Nourish the body with nutritional healing support.
Plant Oils enhance Healing Diets and magnify Bodywork.
Micro vibrational essences clear cause of imbalances.
Plant essences harmonize thoughts and emotions.
Guides Self-Healing lifestyle creation and mirrors healing.
Create digestive nourishment balance with the Five Flavors.
Herbs harmonize personal and planetary health ecology.

Healing Diets Nutrition

Dietary wisdom and conscious nutritional choice are paramount to who we are, our quality of life with respect for all life and our planet. Healthy choices honor quality plant foods, superior herbal and culinary nutrients, organic and foraged foods, superfoods, essential oils, and flower essences to evolve a humanity community based on compassionate balance.

Lamia Mudarres of Saudi Arabia, lost 85 pounds during her three years of embodied ‘Heal as you Study’ evolutionary education. After offering an Integrated Child practice in her country, Lamia thrives within healthy family life as a mother and a creative lifestyle health consultant.


“Farida’s inspiring lifestyle empowered me to live the teachings.”

– Lamia Mudarres, Graduate, Saudi Arabia

Equilibrium. Stability. Ease.

Overweight students lose weight.
Anorexia bulimia students gain weight.
Infertile mothers birth children naturally.
Digestive imbalances heal gently.
Restore Natural Functions
Calm Nervous Disorders
Inner Ecology Wisdom

Enhanced by Mentored Sessions, Guidance and Education
Self Healing = Longevity Lifestyle Creation

540 Pages of Reference Work & Creative Assignments
Water / Fasting / Cleansing Diets 1 & 2 /
Transition Diets / Building Diets 1, 2, 3 /
Superfoods / Foods for Beauty /
The Vegan Diet / Food Ethics
Healing Diets in Practice

“Self-Healing shifted my world into confidence for who I can become.”

– Loni Agnostinelli, Colorado, USA

“I feel I am a chosen one to hear truth and become a living example.”

– Brittany Lupori, Personal Healing, USA

“Healing Diets opened a door to discovering food in a new way.”

– Kathryn Delaney

Herbal Medicine

The Herbal Medicine professional course inspires, organizes, and provides the foundational teaching to inspire a love of plant foods and medicine to create a lifework of value to self, community and our planet. Plants nourish all life in our ecological creation. Plants provide homes, foods, clothing, all we need to sustain life. Plant life also gifts us with superior culinary and herbal nutrients as concentrated and focused natural and safe human medicines. Flexible conscious choice is based on the ever-changing flow of life as unfolding truth. Respect for nature is respect for life. Respect for self is respect for all life.


Healing begins with Relationship
Self-Care is the beginning of Self-Love
Self-Love is the beginning of Love for Life
Love for Nature is Love for our Eco-System
Respect for Nature is Respect for Our Planet
Relationship with Herbs Restores all Relationships
Study Herbs for Self, Family, Community and our World
If we Love our World our World Will Love Us in Return


500 Pages of Reference Work
History. Philosophy. Traditional Cultures.
Chemistry Ecology of Plants
Nutritional Culinary Holistic Herbal Medicine
Individual Herbs and Functions Herbal Formulas
Extensive Herbal Materia Medica of over 100 Herbs
Body Systems, Organs and Glands.
Vibrational Botany. Herbal Pharmacy

“The energy of plants reveal a code of ancient healing wisdom.”

– Lauren Rybarz, Minnestota

“I learned practical skills and gained confidence in my strength.”

– Mayra Alvarenga, Herbal Medicine student, Colorado

“You are a launch pad of support as I create Holistic Veda LLC.”

– Nicole Richards, Naturopathy student, Georgia USA

“I experience plants as life-changing healing!”

– Kristen Samz, Herbal Medicine student, Colorado

“I learned and healed more in two weeks than in 2 years in college.”

– Suzanne Brasington, Herbal Medicine, Colorado

Iridology & Natural Medicine

Will your Iris change?

Experience Evolution
Lightness of Being
Prove the Teachings Challenge
Inner Ecology Self Healing Module
Purification, Regeneration, Transformation.

Our integrated Iridology Online Certification Course of Iridology is embodied in personal experience during the Self Healing three month Inner Ecology program. The Iris Analysis reveals essential understanding of self and others and assists the creation of the Self-Healing Module as well as bringing life to Iridology studies.

Prove Lightness of Being Iris Print shifts of pattern and colors during your Self Healing as the Iris mirrors the Inner Ecology physical and emotional purification and regeneration evolutionary transformational process. The Online study is AADP accredited and offers an Iridology Certification with the potential to achieve the Master Iridologist Diploma.

Iridology Online Course includes:
Iris Vocabulary: Colors, textures, fibers, pupils, sclera.
Body Systems: Physical emotional energetics Integration.
Healing programs: Created and guided by Iridology Analysis.
Iris Constitutions: Display strengths and weaknesses.
Lifework: Consultation, business and media expertise.
Case Studies: Self Healing Modalities. Iris Drawing.


Iridology Evolutionary Educator
Developed Iris Mandala Embodiment Process
Created Rewnowed Master Iridologist Course
Developed Holistic Iridology Constitutional System
Advanced Iris Photography Tech Computer Protocols
Author. Lecturer. Retreat and Immersion Leader

“Iridology gifted the truth I needed to heal myself to assist others.”

– Kerry Derrick, Family Marriage Counselor, USA

“Iridology integrates psychology with emotional and physical realities.”

– Juulia Ilves, Estonia

“The Iris Print re-educates our understanding of body, emotions and being.”

– Amanda McNabb, Graduate, Colorado

“Each iris is as different and unique
as the story of our evolutionary existence.”

– Daniel Bucca, Graduate, Australia

Which Iridology Constitution Are You?

Dvd’s: Two Extended Lectures With Farida Sharan: Introduction | Constitutions
Books: Iridology Complete Guide, Coloring Book, Iridology Dictionary, Herbs Of Grace

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