A fun Prove the Teachings DVD film shoot with students at Angel Studios in Totnes, Devon.

Bethany Murray, the third student to enroll in Lightness of Being, shared our joy, truth, and laughter. Ruscha Schorr-Kon, long-time friend who joined personal healing and retreats in India and Puerto Rico over decades told a powerful healing story.

We faced the camera and surprised ourselves with our ability to articulate Pure Truth experience of personal evolution, and remarkable truth emerged. We plan to bring the video to life this autumn. Meanwhile some photos.

‘Lightness of Being’ began with Shion from Wales, Lavender in Vietnam, Alexandra in Sweden, Bethany in Devon, Cydney in Oregon, USA, and our latest new member, Anne, in Devon, continues next week.

Lightness of Being

The vision of Lightness groups expanding, students evolving into certified coaches and group teachers, and each evolved group facilitating teaching participants with limited resources to create and share a world of ever-expanding evolving healthy human beings. A global world like that may not be possible however we can experience and grow the truth person by person, one by one, as our contribution of gratitude in service to the planet that nourishes us.

May all life be respected. May generosity of spirit, affection, respectful friendly manners, appreciation, gratitude, and personal responsibility dissolve the virus meme generating global fear. Thank you, Totnes for being a sanctuary of humanity in evolution and a community of kindness.

Discover cause. Choose truth choices to transform health, healing, wellness and personal evolution with the Pure Truth Prove Truth effect.

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