Pure Truth is what we know from experience, what we have proved to be true, what feels right and good within us, and what guides us within our ever-changing physical, mental, social, cultural, mental, and spiritual inner landscapes of opportunity. As human beings who received the gift of life, it is up to our intelligence, discrimination, and seeking for truth to carefully consider the choices we make, our priorities, and our destiny purpose.

Balance Inner and Outer Ecology with Creative Service and Personal Evolution. Dear Students, Graduates, Colleagues, and Friends: Pure Truth Podcasts will share what I know to be true because it works consistently, proving again and again within myself and many students, clients, and graduates, from the experience from living health, healing, and wellness truth teachings.

Lessons are learned from the challenges of choice in the midst of life experience supported by evolutionary personal spiritual awakening by increasing cause and effect awareness as purification, regeneration, and transformation manifest our future, choice by choice.

As a teacher, I model wisdom in experience to seeking students of life to become present in their own experience as they move toward their goals on the wings of effort and grace exploring and discovering the purpose of the gift of life and human and spiritual potential.

I am exploring new concepts on the present website site home page before creating a new website following months of preparation, setting up a studio with a computer system for a podcast setup, and eventually youtube lights as well. Computer and internet learning has been my learning curve path. Look for Podcast clips mid-2021.

These past three months I have shared Facebook and blog posts of nature walks, visits with friends, and special news, however underneath all those precious moments of personal time has been a creative river flowing to an ocean of change, as I move toward new offerings of Lightness of Being Evolutionary Embodiment Groups and One One Illuminated Life Coaching supported by transforming School of Natural Medicine into Online Study with Advanced training options, clinical support with case studies and post-graduate career advanced expertise.

This School of Natural Medicine re-creation shift (it has happened several times before in the 43 years SNM has flourished) that took months to envision and work through, design, script, and manifest to adjust to the world of now in Corona, and all during a lockdown, a move, and settling.

Thank you one and all, dear friends, students, and graduates for sharing my life as I share yours with gratitude for the gift of life and the opportunities of challenges that make us rise to meet them as we learn, grow, evolve, and thrive, fully alive. Bless Bless, Farida

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