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Cancer gifted the challenge that awakened my divine nature. Through Self-Healing practices documented in Dance With Cancer and Herbs of Grace books, my family hereditary chronic anemia healed all well as the breast cancer. This transformation shifted me from a Los Angeles, California sixties metal sculptor, fashion and jewelry designer single mother to a practitioner of the ancient science and an Evolutionary Embodiment Educator and Practitioner. This journey led to visiting healing centers, healing through natural wisdom experience, and founding the School of Natural Medicine in 1977 in Cambridge, England.

Cancer gifted me with the Self-Healing challenge that awakened my embodied wisdom as well as clearing my hereditary chronic anemia. This transformation shifted me from my 1960’s life as a Los Angeles sixties metal sculptor, fashion and jewellery designer single mother to a practitioner of the ancient medicine merged with modern natural healing sciences as a researcher, author and educator who founded the School of Natural Medicine in 1977 in Cambridge, England.

As a child in Canada in a British Protestant family, I wanted to be a disciple of Christ with a halo and kneel in devotion like the paintings. I read and believed the Bible and wondered why no one honored others by washing their feet. As I interacted with the world and received its wounds, challenges and truths, I never stopped seeking spiritual divinity. Healing cancer naturally in the 1970s inspired exploration and experience of natural foods, herbs, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Gestalt, Massage, Homeopathy, I Ching, Rolfing, and more. I continued to seek and learn from spiritual teachers of Hindu, Sikh, Mahayana Nichirin Shoshu Buddhism, Zen, and other mystic and yoga paths who embodied truth teachings.

In 1976, I was welcomed on a Bhakti Path of the Soul spiritual path with a teacher who inspired me to practice and live the teachings with respect to all paths and peoples seeking devotion to harmonious soul connection and a life of kindness and compassionate service.

I was inspired by leaders and teachers in the natural medicine field that I met and studied with personally: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, author of the Essene Gospel of Peace; Naturopath Iridologists Dr. Raymond Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen; Medical Doctor Iridologist, Josef Deck; and Heilpraktiker Iridologist, Willy Hauser of the Felke Institute in Germany; Denny Johnson of the Rayid Iris Model who supported my life work dedication to share my experience of healing breast cancer.

Continued studies include: Polarity Therapy with Pierre Pannetier and the Alive Fellowship in Calistoga; Cranial therapies including Core Synchronicity Soul of Hand at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, Matrix Works Living Systems; Trauma; Addiction; Chi Gung; Tai Chi; Yoga forms including Yogi Bhajan Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram Yoga, Ayengar, Healing Kriyas, and Restorative Yoga; Taoist Chi New Tsang in Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Mayan Abdominal Massage; Childbirth Doula Training; Zone and Meridian Therapy; Ayurveda in India; Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Living Foods in Puerto Rico; Colon Therapies, Essential Oils studies in England and with Young Living Essential Oils, Flower Essence studies with Nora Weeks at the Bach Centre in the UK in 1977 and with the Flower Essence Society as I embraced deeper learning through a lifestyle of self-care, self-healing, spiritual practice and personal embodiment as a living example.

From 1988, SNM was based in Boulder, Colorado USA while I travelled to worldwide Retreats and taught Immersion teaching in South Africa; Malaysia; Icelandv United Kingdom; Australia; New Zealant; Philippines; Canada; Body Mind Retreats in Ithaca, New York; Thailand; Cambodia; Portugal; Ann Wigmore Hippocrates Living Foods in Puerto Rico; The Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences now called The Nature Cure Institute near Bangalore In India.

In 2021, the school offers personal mentored Online Embodiment Professional Diploma Evolutionary Education, and Personal Embodiment Self-Healing Opportunities for seekers of Self-Realization on a path to destiny, life purpose and higher potential.

Share the journey. Request online gift books: Request Dance With Cancer – Living the Mystery of Life and Death & Herbs of Grace – Becoming Independently Healthy books.


“Your School is affiliated to this Institute which means we share a commitment to develop the national standards of education for Complementary Medicine. Since you have always been recognized as one of the leaders in your chosen discipline, you would be one to advise this Institute and other Awarding Bodies of the standards of education, philosophical understanding, and clinical experience required for practitioner status.”

– Michael Endacott, Research Director, ICM

Dame Shirley Bond MD referrals to Farida Sharan ND

“I never knew such tissue changes were possible until Farida and I worked together, referring patients to each other. We achieved results with abnormal cervical smears, hormone imbalance, infertility, and pelvic inflammatory disease. I am impressed by Farida’s sincerity, integrity, and knowledge. As a lecturer and Faculty Member at the School of Natural Medicine, I attended Iridology and Herbal Medicine courses and utilize an camera for Iris analysis.”

– – Dame Shirley Bond MD, Harley Street, London, UK

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