I received my first Saffron from an honored Hakim in Afghanistan who had hand-picked the saffron from his fields to present to his student, Salim Khan, an Iridology and Natural Medicine  Graduate, honored colleague and herbalist from the School of Natural Medicine in Cambridge, to present to me as respect from Salim’s first teacher to me as Salim’s present teacher.

I followed the honored Hakim’s instructions to follow the tradition of herbalists in Afghanistan who fast on Saffron tea to elevate their mind and spirit to create formulas in harmony with divine wisdom.

I experienced the beauty and value of Saffron in 1988 during a 3 day fast in ‘Wisdome’ high above Gold Hill, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I needed to create all the herbal formulas for Harper / Collins Thorsons UK Publishers for the first edition hardback textbook, ‘Iridology – A Complete Guide 1986’ (still available on Amazon, online, and printed in my courses) and was gifted with sublime clarity and profound understanding.

The Saffron gift was accompanied by a vial of exquisite rose oil from the Hakim’s own rose garden that uplifted my spirits during the fast, and for some time onward, as I only used one drop at a time. The saffron and rose oil were noble and sacred gifts I was grateful to receive as they assisted the advance of my lifework in a major publication to share truth teachings with others.

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, a remarkable offering gifted by nature for well-being and mental clarity with medicinal qualities for memory, fatigue, and more.

The Saffron fast culminated in a one day burst of creativity on the third day that resulted in all of the needed formulas now in Herbs of Grace and Iridology books, Elemental and Chakra Iridology Chart, and the organization of the Elements of Life – Chakras Elements and Emotions into the five movement processes that awaken the inner being as an introduction to the foundation of the truth of traditional Naturopathy in harmonious relationship with the inner and outer ecology of the nature that sustains us on this planet.

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