“Thank you, Farida. Healing under your guidance has been profound. I feel a much deeper commitment and increasing clarity to my own healing. Thank you, thank you, for exceptional guidance, with the ongoing focus of ever deeper healing and cleansing second to none, all the while encouraging one’s own innate wisdom. The greatest gift you have given me is to direct me to the medicine woman within myself. The most precious gift of all!!!! …Thank you thank you.

Deep gratitude and so honored to experience your great wisdom. Look forward to the herbs and will embrace the castor oil self-treatment. I’m so grateful for your presence in my life. I’m beginning to notice what I need and actually respond to it. This is brand new, Farida, to feel the cold and go inside, feel tired, and rest. I used to feel tired and not rest. Beginning to realize my limitations and work within my boundaries.

Life continues to be full of abundant blessings here. Summer has definitely arrived and the roses are in full bloom, plus trees full of the most magnificent elderflowers and a million and one other awe-inspiring miracles of our Great Mother. My son has been watching the birds and reporting on the many rare varieties that have made their home at our home including Peregrin Falcons, thrushes, warblers, swallows, house martins, swifts, jays, sparrows, red kites, buzzards, and every variety of little tits.

Pure paradise. I have peeked over the wall here and there and seen what’s going on in the world. Oh boy…strangely enough I feel everything is connected, all steeped in prayers of gratitude. Sending you great love from this little piece of Heaven.”

An acupuncturist, musician, and bountiful mother earth community co-creator, Shion inspires with her photos of her land during isolation and social distancing and sharing her healing journey. Our communication over 3 months now, often daily, is a process of one-to-one mentoring connection alive with respect, gratitude, appreciation poetics, sharing photos, and deep questioning that leads to discussion and truth answers. Action, choice by choice, create cause and effect, create the healing.

A dedicated student of body, heart, mind, and spiritual renewal, Shion Ulrike Buschner shares physical wellness progress on her Self Healing program that uplifts her life in the beautiful nature on her land and in her community in Wales.


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