“Self-Discovery Evolution is the path I choose to journey with Farida Sharan and the School of Natural Medicine International so that I may explore, understand, and learn to take care of myself as I study natural medicine,” says new student, Abbie Chappell from Wales, UK.

EMBODIED TRAINING: “Embodiment experiential training is the perfect direction to uncover my deeper self because as I step into womanhood older parts of me fall away as young, hidden, more scared aspects of myself slowly emerge into this path of self-discovery. I have a deep fascination for the body and health and naturally explore myself through my own experiences.”

Self-Discovery Evolution training mentored by Farida Sharan prepares me for a depth three-month  Self-Healing program. During the program, my longing to explore my self-beliefs and patterns that hold me back, to learn to listen and trust myself to understand my body, and to know what it needs to embody these teachings will receive priority. I want to study and learn in my own unique way so that I can experience Self-/discovery Evolution and evolve as my true essential self.

The Lightness of Being Natural Medicine course is appealing because I have the freedom of space and time to explore, experience and go at my own pace without rigid structure. I am excited to learn and experience embodied healing diets, naturopathy, Iridology and herbal medicine as they are a range of topics to delve into. I will take my time to learn as I find my own way of learning.

LIVE CLOSE TO NATURE: I wish to live close to nature, enjoy the simple things in life, stay open, have beautiful people and connections in my life, feel joy and inspiration, and share my truth wherever I am. If I keep learning, opening my heart, and remembering my true nature, I can move from a place of love.

NATURAL HEALING SPACE VISION: “I envision creating a magical natural healing space for people to experience being their true selves. I hope to inspire others to learn about themselves as they create delicious healing and healthy foods from foraged plants and organic gardening. I would like to teach and share how to make herbal products, and experience natural therapies such as Iridology and cranial sacral therapy, I would love to share my love for creative movement, dance, singing, meditation, hiking, and cold water immersions.

“First I start with myself, step by step and allow life to unfold naturally. Thank you for this Self-Discovery Evolution opportunity, Farida.”

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